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From the Junior Secretary

DDAS Juniors was set up in 2018 to help give the chance to young people to experience the joy and (hopefully) excitement of fishing.
Created and organised by Graham Howard, and with a team of like-minded, enthusiastic volunteer coaches and helpers, our aim is to show potential new anglers just how rewarding Coarse fishing can be. 

From the responsibility of fish care, environmental issues, and appreciation of the countryside, juniors will be shown how to better understand the creatures that dwell within the waters that we visit. They will learn about being outdoors and how there is a much bigger world away from the electronic distractions that can become obsessive.


Juniors will be taught how to safely use the equipment needed for effective angling. How to choose the right rigs, baits, and even where to find the fish to catch them. They will learn how the seasons and the weather effect the behaviour of the fish and how the many species differ with regards to bait and tactics.


The social aspect of fishing is often not thought about by newcomers. Juniors will join our warm and friendly family. They will make new friends. Quite possibly good friends for life.


There is no pressure to learn quickly. All of the levels of the coaching program can be achieved at what ever pace is comfortable for the individual. They do not have to take part in the competitionshey can come and fish with their friends without the pressure of competition if they so wish. 

I love doing what I do and I hope that I, and my coaching team can show you just how life nourishing fishing can be. I hope you will be as 'hooked' as I am, and that you share in my addiction to fishing. An addiction for which, I am delighted to say, there is no known cure.


For more information about the options open to you from DDAS Juniors,
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