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In order to host any events at all in 2021, DDAS Juniors, Parents and Coaches will be asked to observe some new and very different rules. Until an effective vaccine is widely distributed, we are going to have to work together as a team to ensure each others safety. That means hardened distancing rules, changes of procedure and increased self awareness and of those around us.

I have written these new rules to be as easy to understand as I can.


They are as follows;


  1. Events may have to be changed or even cancelled very close to the event date. I will try to give everyone at least 48 hours notice via email, our Website, Facebook page and the Facebook group if this is necessary.

  2. Booking will close at 9pm the Thursday before the event. This is to ensure that I have my Coaches and Helpers organised, something that is now more important than ever.

  3. If ANY Juniors, Parents, Coaches or Helpers that are going to the event show or experience ANY of the symptoms of COVID-19 within 7 days before the event date, they should not attend and seek medical attention.

  4. If ANY Juniors, Parents, Coaches or Helpers should experience any of the above during the event, they should remove themselves immediately and, again, seek medical attention.

  5. Juniors, Parents, Coaches and Helpers are required to keep a minimum of 2 metres apart, except for those in a closed family or support bubble.

  6. Face masks are optional for juniors. However, masks will be required to be worn, at all times, by Parents, Coaches and Helpers until further notice.

  7. Hand sanitizer will be available for general use at the start of the event. It is advised that everyone should carry their own and should use it throughout the day as necessary, ie: before eating and after touching gates or locks.

  8. When you arrive at the venue, Juniors will have a peg number drawn for them by an official. This will be practised for coaching or match events on a first come first served basis. Juniors and Parents need to gather their equipment and make their way directly to the peg they have been given, keeping to the 2 metre rule at all times, being mindful of bottlenecks like gates, etc.

  9. Event fees will be set as before at £5.00 per session. Parents are asked to bring the correct amount. No change will be given to avoid cross contamination.

  10. Venue specific list of rules or warnings/risk assessment are available to view on this website. This will be update as necessary and will avoid group assembly at the beginning of the sessions. Please make sure you read these because things can change at a venue between visits and the risks will have been updated.

  11. Once at their allocated peg, participants are asked to stay within its boundary (halfway between you and your neighbour on either side, Social Distancing rule still applies). Unavoidable circumstances like a call of nature or equipment in the car are acceptable.

    There must be No visiting of friends (I'm Sorry).

  12. Where possible, each Junior shall have a his/her own coach. When a coach has charge of two or more Juniors, the coach must use hand sanitizer between each Junior to avoid transmission.

  13. Coaches must keep to the social distancing rules at all times. If assistance is needed by the Junior, the parent or guardian will be required to help (under coaches guidance).

  14. Notes on tutorials for specific subjects (setting up equipment in accordance with the training program) will be given to the coaches prior to the event, so they can be taught on a more one to one basis as opposed to a group talk. The required skills needed to complete each tutorial like knots or loops will be outlined before each event. Materials to complete each tutorial will be provided as before. Where possible tutorials will be posted on the DDAS Juniors You Tube channel.

  15. For competitive events where a weigh in will be required, the following procedure will be in place; The weigh sling will be placed in a weighing cradle.

    Junior, Parent, Coach or Helper will transfer the fish from the keep net to the weigh sling.

    Fish will be weighed and returned to the water by the scales person.

  16. For competitive events, winners for each Junior age group (according to their club membership) will receive a winners medal and a certificate in a sealed envelope from a designated area after the event.

    All distancing measures will need to observed at all times.


Future Junior events rely on each of us doing what we can to keep each other safe during this time. If these guidelines for our safety are not observed, then I will have no other option than to postpone our Junior events until I can be certain that we can all be safe.

There will be time for us to come together as before, but until then Health and Safety is paramount.


Kind regards,


Graham Howard,

DDAS Junior Secretary