Are you ready??

The days are getting longer, the spring flowers are in bloom and it's getting warmer (?). Spring is definitely here and summer soon to follow. You can feel a bit of optimism returning, even in the most challenging of days. Maybe the seed of a return to normality has been sown? I do hope so.

Although our first Junior event had to be cancelled, a shame, but a wise thing to do as it turns out, we are ready for the first event at Luckfield on 20th April. There are only 10 pegs available, so if Juniors want to come, then please book in as soon as possible. Jake has already reserved his spot, so there's only 9 places left.

I will be putting notifications on Facebook as normal but, if you go to the website, you can book in well in advance if you wish to.

**Note to parents. Please make sure you are familiar with the COVID regs (also on the website). These will be in place until further notice, or at least until we are sure that people are safe to gather safely.**

I have added a new 'For Sale' page to the website. If you have any items you want to sell, let me know (preferably with a picture) and I'll pop it on for you. I will not be demanding commission but, if you do wish to make a contribution towards Junior funding, it would be much appreciated.

So the sun is on it's way back and already there have been some warmer days for fishing. Great for us and great for the fish of course. As anglers we might think that the fish will be hungry and the fishing will be amazing. That may be true but, for the fish, warmer water means only one thing. SPAWNING!

Yes, it will be time for romance for our finned friends and they will be preoccupied with each other for a few days very soon. Fishing during this period is not controlled by law any more (except on rivers), but I feel that anglers and fishery owners have a responsibility to protect the fish at spawning time. If you do turn up to fish at a lake and the fish are splashing and thrashing around, take a moment to think whether it is the right thing to do to go fishing that day? I know it will be disappointing to go back home, but fish welfare has to come first.

Take care and stay safe...

Graham Howard,

Junior Secretary.

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