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Coaching #10 - Sharnhill Lake - Pre-Event Report

Fees: £5.00 Start: 10:30

Finish: 16:00

This will be our last coaching session of the year. Bookings close on Thursday at 9pm.

The lake looks better than I’ve seen it in a long while. The repairs have done enough to allow the water level to return to normal, let’s hope it stays that way.

I went to clear out the reeds from the swims on Sunday and the Carp were following me around the lake as I waded waist deep in the water. They were being nosey looking for food as my feet stirred up the bottom. I even had two or three bump into me as I worked…

The long-range weather forecast gives a slightly better day than of late, a bit cooler and breezy. So, make sure you all dress accordingly. The grass is long now and with all the rain, it is going to be wet under foot. You will at least need wellies, but I recommend waterproofs. 25% chance of needing an umbrella too… Things may change before then, but that’s what Accuweather says today…

If the weather holds, we will be taking a look at how to build a pole rig from scratch as outlined in the last blog post. There is a list on there of things to bring if you want to build a rig along with me.

When you arrive at the lake, please make sure you park on the right-hand side of the track. If you have not been to Sharnhill before, there will be signs directing you to the lake from Buckland Newton village.

With the championship as close as it is, I would advise juniors to use this session as a practice for Whitemoor. The fishing won’t be quite the same, but you can fish with a short pole, expanders, and micros as you might fish there.

Bait recommendations: Does anyone dare to forget maggots? At least half a pint… 2mm Micro Pellets 4mm Expander Pellets 6mm Hard Pellets A lighter ground bait. (Something like Sonubaits Sweet F1, Thatchers Original, basically anything that does not say Method Mix)

For the feeder, Micros and Method Mix, mixed 50/50. The usual hook baits (6mm & 8mm Pellets, Flavoured/coloured hook baits of your choice)

Could be worth setting up a whip, but a short pole with elastic may be better in case a wobbly Carp shows up. Use a waggler (float) rod if you do not yet have a pole.

We will try to get as juniors as far on in the coaching as we can at this last coaching session.

Juniors Sec…

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