Event Postponed

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the weekend has not changed all week. Neither I or my coaches feel that the conditions will allow us to deliver an effective coaching session to our Juniors.

I have decided to postpone this weeks event and move it to next Saturday, the 15th, when hopefully there will be some less hostile weather for us. Many thanks to Jim Roper for accommodating this alteration.

I will create a new event post, so those that have booked into the postponed event will need to book in to the new one too.

In a way I'm kind of relieved because my much better half, Trudie, is not very well at the moment. Hopefully it is not just the weather that will be looking up next week.

On a lighter note, Members will be needing to renew their memberships at the end of May and DDAS can now offer our members an online membership application and secure payment service.

There is a link on the DDAS Juniors homepage that will take you to the CLUBMATE site where you will be given instructions on how to register and pay for your new club membership.

Please note, there may be a slight delay in getting your new club card and booklets to you due to the current circumstances. Your membership will be recorded on the secure CLUBMATE data base in the event that you get asked to prove your membership status.

CLUBMATE is a brilliant new way for our club to securely store information relevant to our members. I would encourage you to upload a picture of yourself onto your personal profile as it will help to determine your identity more efficiently for our bailiffs should the need arise.

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