Exciting new things!

Thanks to the Angling Trust and to funding from the Environment Agency, DDAS Juniors have been able to purchase some new equipment that will help raise our profile to the public. The funding comes from the sale of rod licences, so it is good to see our money being used to help angling grow at grass roots level.

A massive thanks has to go to Dean Asplin at AT. His continued support, and that of the Angling Trust, is vital for the growth of Junior angling. Particularly in the Dorset area.

It wasn't an easy ride though. Once the funds had arrived, there was lots of communication backwards and forwards to XL Displays who were making them for us. Mainly about the colour palette I had used to design them with. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) doesn't work as well as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) for printing, so I found out...

So, what did we buy?

Well, a few may have already seen the big banner that will be displayed at every Junior event from now on. Fairly sturdy and easy to set up and pack away, it really punches you in the face. Exactly the impact I wanted it to have...

We now have some Feather Flags too. Two of them in fact. These, along with the banner, will be used to raise our profile when we are out doing our thing at every venue we visit. They may not have the effect at Sharnhill and Luckfield that I desire, but when we go to busier venues like Whitemoor, Revels, Mangerton and Todber, they will really let people know what is going on. Those that see them may even jump on the website to see what we are all about and, better still, come along and join in the sessions....

The flags are double sided and have a ring bag to lay across the feet of each stand. I am hoping to get some ground spikes for softer ground.

Both the banner and the flags will compliment the best part for me.

The Pop-up display stand.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with how this has turned out. There are many hours of designing involved with it and I think it looks amazing.

It comes with it's own carry case on wheels that doubles up as a podium with a nice beechwood top. 3x3 metres, it is curved and even has lights. I borrowed a church hall to see how it goes together and to take some photos. 20 minutes to set up and 10 to take down with some impressive use of magnets...

Featuring our very own Jake Taylor, Jack Copp and Sophia Altuzarra and includes our Junior motto "More seatboxes, less xboxes". Grammatically incorrect, maybe. But it gets the message across. All of the above equipment will be used to promote our club and sport at School talks and public events, like the Charminster fun day in September.

Times have not been easy for any of us in recent times. But now is the time to look forwards. Time to get back what we have lost and time to start with a new resolve.

We're back on it and, hopefully, coming to a school or an event near you very soon.

Again I want to extend a huge thank you to Dean at Angling Trust. Also, everyone at AT and the Environment Agency that made it possible. Thanks also to Gemma and Sally at XL Displays for their help and sometimes, I imagine, stretched patience...

Big congrats to Jake Taylor for getting his Level 1 certificate and badge.

Mangerton is our next venue for a coaching session on the 10th of July. A new venue for many of us, but if I told you that last year I had a days fishing there and had 400 to 500lb of fish, my personal record, is there a chance that you might want to go there too?

Fees are £10 (£5.00 pegging fee) and booking is now open on the website.

On the subject of great venues, we will be at Todber Manor for the first time ever on the 24th July for a match on White Post Upper Lake. This event is limited to just 12 places. So if you want to come, book a space soon!

Snide Rumours and Dirty Lies.....

I've heard that there are a couple of rumours floating about...

One that there maybe a Parents/Coaches & Junior pairs match later in the year.

The other is that there may be a Junior Christmas match in early December....

Keep an eye on this blog and I'll let you know if I hear of any more information.

Junior Sec.

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