Junior Carp booklet is now live

The next book in the Junior basic guide series is on Carp Fishing, and is available on the website now....

Like the river book, this wasn't all me, (Jon Bass helped with the river book).

Tom Foyle has been instrumental in putting this book of information and tips together.

From choosing your first rods and reels to basic water craft, we have touched on most topics that will help to get you started in Carp fishing.

I actually learn a bit myself during the process, and now things are looking up in the world and the weather is getting better, I'm keen to try them out.

Help yourself because it's totally free...

Our first event is next week (10th) at Luckfield and I cannot wait to get started. The lake has been fishing well lately and the coming cold snap will slow the imminent spawning period down enough to get our session in nicely. My worry was that if the weather carried on begin too nice, the lake would switch off completely.

Don't forget to book in using the online booking system on the website because it will help us to be safer as there is no need to sign a register, it's all done digitally. (How advanced are we now??) Taster sessions are offered at all coaching events, so if you know anyone that might be interested to just try fishing for the first time, get them to get in touch with me in the usual ways and we'll get something sorted.

Please familiarise yourselves with the COVID rules before the event, it is very important that we get it right from the start.

Junior Sec...

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