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Junior Coaching #2 - Setting up - Chester's Lake, Whitemoor.

The theme for this session is how to efficiently set up your fishing equipment to make the best of your trip. I had hoped that we would be able to get a real expert to show you how arrange your gear on the bank. But, we couldn't get one so you'll have to make do with me!

You will not need to bring any nets as the fishery insist on you using their supplied nest (including landing net). Equipment will be provided for those with none.

Itinerary: Greetings, H&S, and announcements followed by a tutorial on how to set up your larger tackle items and arrange them around you.

You will be sent off to set up your own equipment with the coaches.

When you are ready, you will be asked to come back to see how to plumb the depth and choose your rigs. I have never fished on Chester's Lake before, even though we have been coming here for nearly five years! So it will be interesting (I hope!) to see how to go about finding out information about the lake from scratch. I will show you how to feed and, with any luck, how to catch a few before sending you off to do your own fishing.

I will be setting up a Method Feeder with Liam shortly after the demo. So, if would like to see how that is done, feel free to watch.

The rest of the day is your own unless I think of something else to show you!

Bait: I will be taking the following baits;

1 pint maggots. 2 pints Micro Pellets (2mm).

2 pints 4mm pellets.

4 & 6mm Expander/Soft pellets.

1 tin Luncheon Meat cut into 6mm cubes. A bag of Paste mix. Method mix for the feeder.

For those unfamiliar with Whitemoor, a mile after Canford Bottom 'Round-a-bout' on the A31, turn left towards Broomhill/Holt. After about 3-miles, you will see a DDAS Juniors sign to turn right to Whitemoor. The fishery is roughly 1.5-miles on the right.

Juniors Sec...

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