Junior Match #3, Preview.

Our return to Whitemoor after such a long time away could not come soon enough. For those who have never been there before, Tom runs a fantastic fishery that caters for all kinds of coarse fishing. The large main lake holds some quite large Carp and a good head of Bream and Tench. The Canal Lake is stuffed full of match sized Carp and silverfish, but the lake we are most interested in, is affectionately known as the Doughnut Lake.

A diamond shaped lake with an island in the middle which is reachable with a long pole of about 13 metres if you are strong enough to hold one!

The depth can vary between 3ft and 6ft, and it is stocked with lots of small Carp between 4ozs and 3lbs, and Tench of a similar size. We have the whole lake so pegs can be well spaced out, so you can expect to catch plenty of fish!

Most methods will work, although pole is probably the most common.

As far as bait is concerned, I would make sure that you have the following baits. 1x pint of maggots, probably reds, with a handful of whites thrown in.

Soft Pellets in 4mm and/or 6mm. You can buy them in tubs or as dry Expander pellets. If you buy expanders, you will need to soak them before you use them. You can do this on the day or with a Pellet Pump, (Right).

Either way, you find information in our online booklets, and you get help from our coaches. I would always bring hard pellets too. 2mm micro pellets, 4mm & 6mm. It is worth bringing at least half a loaf of white bread. Warburtons Orange is best. I do not know about groundbait, but it is always worth bringing some along, just in case.

Bringing this much bait can get expensive, I know. But pellets make it easier to use a bag multiple times because they do not go off or spoil. Most of the time you only use half a bag of bait, even in the summer, so bait goes a lot further than it used to. Remember to keep your maggots cool at all times. They MUST be kept in a fridge at home too. A proper CLEAN bait box will ensure that the wrigglers stay put. A cool box for fishing bait with ice blocks is a handy tool in the summer. They can even keep them warmer in the colder months too.

One of the great things about Whitemoor is that they insist on anglers using the fishery Keepnets AND Landing nets. So, no smelly nets to hang out when you get home!

There is a pegging fee of £5.00 on top of the match fees. So, entry for this match will be £10.00

Even though our last trip to the Canal Lake at Whitemoor was far less than we expected, I always look forward to a fishing trip there. In Senior matches, weights of well over 100lbs are common in the summer and with spawning finished, I’m hopeful that we can have a memorable day.

The draw will take place at 10.30am…

See you there!

Junior Sec.

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