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I've been updating the 'For Sale' page on the website lately and it's fair to say that a few more items have been posted today (Saturday). Items from disgorgers going on up to newly purchased rods and super cheap seat boxes are for sale.

Some items are being advertised on the page on behalf of private sellers and, although they do not raise any funds for the Juniors unless the sellers chooses to make a donation from the sale (optional), do ensure that some quality second hand items of tackle are available to new anglers at a considerably reduced price, and without any fees.

Other items are purchased in any sales online by our very own Jerry Bracey, and made available at no extra cost to our Juniors. This ensures that parents of Juniors who are just starting out have important access to discounted tackle from a wide range of outlets, as well as any discounts or deals that can be had from our own local tackle shops. In fact the Poles that Jerry has have had the elastic fitted to them out of Jerrys own pocket at no extra cost.

Three of our Juniors have successfully passed the first level of our in house Junior coaching program after the match at Sharnhill on the 24th April. Passing of level one shows that Juniors can adequately accomplish the set up of a basic Waggler rod, tie a loop knot, use a landing net and handle unaided, bait a hook with three different baits, use a disgorger, recognise different fish species, have basic knowledge of fish welfare and good fishing practices, and attended the minimum number of Junior events.

So, congratulations to the following Juniors;

Sophia Altuzarra.

Oliver Smith

Max Faulkner

Congratulations guys, on to level two!

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