Pre-Event Report Update...

With the weather looking slightly kinder, and a lot less explosive on Saturday, I have given the go-ahead for the match on Whitepost Upper Lake at Todber Manor.

I expect it to be breezy, with a few showers and sunny spells. Be mindful of the sun if it does come out. It will still be over 20 degrees, so the sun will be strong on exposed skin. Take precautions with you. I am trying to gather as many umbrellas as I can for those that do not have their own. We don't want soggy parents either. No one wants to see that!

Please be aware, however, that should the weather change for the worse and conditions become threatening, then the match will be halted immediately. The result, once everyone is in safety, will be whatever is in the keep nets at the time the match is called off. Points and prizes will be given accordingly.

So, the venue.

Pretty much as I outlined it in the previous post, with no change to recommended bait requirements. You "will not need to fish that far out", was the message from the guys at Todber. So fish to your own limits and fish where you can feed comfortably.

Pole and/or waggler float fished at 3 or 4 metres out will both be useful, probably with 6mm pellets. It may be helpful to throw one or two (literally) pieces of Sweetcorn in for a bit of added colour.

Those with poles, may be able to fish with paste in the margins later on. Ground bait and dead maggots will work too, and will be easier to fish with. You could try a long line with a float at 13 metres or so if you wish, depending on how windy it is.

I expect the Method Feeder to be quiet effective. Fish with micro pellets on the feeder with 6mm, 8mm or wafters on the hook. Corn or a bunch of maggots may also work. Cast as accurately as you can and use those clips. The fish are quiet tight into the far bank, so getting as close as you dare will be the key.

As always, don't lash the feed in. Be sensible and feel your way into the match, feed to catch a fish, don't feed the whole lake at once....

There will be silverfish to catch with maggots. So, that might be a good way to keep some fish coming. Plus there is the Silverfish Championship to keep in mind for those that are not catching that many Carp...

The toilet tent will be there but, as was explained in the Mangerton report, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the loo is kept as you want to find it.

It is there for the ladies and girls really, but if there is an emergency, then Juniors must be accompanied by their respective adult and the loo MUST be cleaned out please.

Reminder that we are gathering at the shop for 10am so you can get any last minute bits from the shop. It is worth having a look in there, it's a great shop. Please be on your best behaviour in the shop and at the fishery. I have told Todber I have the best behaved Juniors (and parents) in the country!

We will draw in the car park at 10.30 as usual. Then drive round to the lake in convoy. When you get to the lake, please park at the top of the hill near the hedge. DO NOT drive down to the lake. You have to walk...

I think that's all. I'm looking forward to a great days fishing at a great fishery!

Junior Sec.

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