Pre-Match Report: Revels 22/05/21

Starting with the weather, it looks like the weather will be mostly dry and overcast. The wind won’t be as bad as last week, but still breezy with the chance of a shower.

Revels, like most other venues at this time of year, can be a bit patchy. Fish do not really know what they want to do. Do they feed? Do they think about spawning or do they huddle together in winter mode.

When conditions are like this, my advice would be to pay attention to how much you are feeding and when? Of course, you must feed something, so feed little and often, and cut back if or when you start catch a few fish.

Bait for this match is going to be straight forward. There is a bait shop on site, so you will be able to buy bait fresh on the day. My recommendation is as follows.

1 pint red maggots with some whites thrown in as a change of hook bait. Definitely 2mm micros pellets for the feeder. Hard pellets are up to you but I would take a few 4, 6 & 8mm pellets. A method mix ground bait. (You could also bring a lighter ground bait for roach and skimmers) A tin of sweetcorn and maybe some luncheon meat. Other baits I would have in my bag would be a few white bread slices and some paste.

I don’t know which lake we will be on for sure, but I have a feeling it will mostly likely be Middle lake. There plenty of silverfish to be caught on Middle lake and pretty sizable ones too. You should be able to catch them short with either a rod or a pole. Skimmers can be caught on the same method as well as the feeder. Feeder will be best for Carp. Pellets, ground bait or a mixture of both.

Just remember to be careful with you feeding and you should be able to catch steadily for most of the day.

Draw: 10.30am Start: 11.30am Lunch: 1.30pm to 2.00pm End: 4pm Weigh-in and presentations.

See you there!

Junior Sec.

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