Pre Match Report: Sharnhill.

Ahead of the match on Saturday, Jerry Bracey and I, had a little fishing session at Sharnhill so we could get a better idea of what the Juniors will need.

Jerry, fishing on the peg to my left, had around 30 small Carp and Crucian Carp, both in the middle of his swim and in very shallow water down the edge.

I caught 19 small Carp and Crucians plus 3 'proper' Carp at 1lb, 1.5lb and 2.5lb.

Both of us failed to catch properly on pellets and all the small stuff fell to maggots, with the smallest and largest of my Carp coming to paste down the edge.

During the session, it was noticeable the that there were few movements of any fish around the lake all day which, I have to confess, i found a bit troubling.

So, what about Saturday?

Well, my advice would be to take thing VERY easy to start with.

Do not throw handfuls of bait in!

Jerry only fed a few maggots each time, as well as a small, thumbnail sized 'nugget' of groundbait every put. He also said that it was very easy to 'feed them off' or over feed them. But they would return after a while.

I was a bit more positive with my feed. Putting in larger balls of groundbait, which worked initially but the bites soon dried up, and they never returned.

I tried the feeder for a while and, apart from a few knocks and twitches, nothing really happened. However, if you are patient, you may be able to catch a few proper Carp, but it may be a gamble.

My bait list would look something like this for Saturday...

1 pint of red maggots, preferably red.

1 pint Micro pellets (2mm)

1 tin of Sweet Corn

A bag of dark groundbait, Something like Sonubaits F1 Dark or similar

Paste will be optional.

I forecast that most of your fish will be caught quite close in on some swims.

The key is to take it easy and do not over feed.


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