Revels this weekend....

The weather has forced a changed to the fixture list for the second time in as many weeks. The Junior Secretary has made the decision to swap the venues over for the next two fixtures. The reason for the change is because of the ground that the lakes at Chickerell are laid upon. The clay is very slippery when it gets wet and, it will get wet this week. Everyone and everything will get covered in mud, on top of the safety risks. Also there a very real chance that the lakes may be over flowing too.

The event scheduled for this coming weekend on the 22nd at Harbourbridge, will now take place at Revels instead.

The event on the 5th of June will now be at Harbourbridge.

The fixture list has been updated as has the booking form.

Those that have already booked will not have to re-book.

One piece of good news coming out of the wind and rain at Harbourbridge, was the passing of Coaching level one by Jack Copp. Jack will now join our other Juniors in training to complete level two.

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