Update for Coaching at Mangerton

I've been keeping my eye on the weather forecast for Saturday's coaching at Mangerton Lake and it's not as great as I had hoped it would be. But, don't let a little bit of rain put you off... The nearer you get to the day, the more reliable the forecast is. There is going to be moderate rain early on at around 7am that will, hopefully, fizzle out by around 10am. Great for you guys turning up at 10.30, but not so good for me having to set everything up in the rain!!! It is then forecast to be overcast by dry until about 3pm when very light rain may return for a short while. We can finish at 3 o'clock if necessary, but you may be catching too many fish to worry about a sprinkle of rain....

It's not ideal, but we've been out in worse, and Mangerton is a venue well worth getting wet for. I have a few umbrellas for those that don't have one yet, and I'll bring mine along too. Just let me know if you need one.

You might want to bring a loaf of bread too, Warburton's Orange of course....Is there any other kind of bread worth talking about??

Don't forget, the booking for this event closes at 9pm tonight, so please get booked in before then...

Juniors Sec.

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