We're nearly there!

Don't forget, booking for this weekends Junior coaching session ends at 9pm tonight.

Because of the current situation, we can't accept bookings after that, so if you're thinking about coming, book now....

It is a little colder than I was hoping it would be, but these few days leading up to Saturday are fairly settled and there won't be any drastic changes in temperature. Which is a good thing.

Low pressure and westerly winds may bring some rain, so make sure you are all wrapped up and waterproof!

Because of the settled weather, the smaller fish should be feeding, but it will feel cold so I wouldn't expect a big net full. My advice is to keep your feeding light and use light tackle. If it runs out that the fish are feeding better than I thought, then you can add some more feed. But once the feed is in, you can't take it out. So take it easy to begin with.

Bait wise, you will need some maggots for sure. 1 pint of reds, with a few whites sprinkled in will be fine.

I would take some Sweetcorn and maybe some worms (Dendrobaenas) too.

It might be worth taking a few slices of white bread for bread punch.

I would still favour a dark groundbait for my feeder with some micro sprinkled in, rather than just pellets. Use a smaller, lighter feeder too. Maybe even a straight lead with a bread disc? Mixing instructions for groundbait are in the Coarse book on the website.

For the session on Saturday, as you arrive, you will be given a peg to go to.

Please go straight to the peg where your coach will be waiting for you.

Because no one took the opportunity to send me a video of themselves making up a waggler float, we're going to have to revisit that to begin with, so Juniors will be asked to set up a waggler first. Once this has been completed and shown to your coach and they are satisfied, Juniors can carry on and fish how they want to.

To be honest, waggler might be the best way anyway.

I will be coming round and asking some questions about fish welfare and good fishing practices (easy questions) as well as testing you on your fish species. Again they are all in the Coarse book.

If they haven't done it already, Juniors can show their coach how to attach three different baits of their own choosing.

All of this goes towards completing the first level of coaching and I am hoping that some of you will be able to complete the tasks set out in the training guide. (Also on the website)

I would like to point out that there is no pressure to pass and if you need more time to practice, then that is no problem at all. This is not school and if there is anything you are unsure of or need some help with, ask your coach. That's what we are here for.

A note for parents, please make sure you are familiar with the COVID rules and that your Junior knows what they must and must not do so that we can keep everyone as safe as we can. The better we can perform as a group, the quicker we can return to some sort of normality.

A final word for any ladies wishing to come to any of our sessions, a loo will be provided at venues with no facilities, (Luckfield, Sharnhill & Harbourbridge). You're not obliged to use it, but it's there for you anyway.

I can't tell how much I am looking forward to starting the Juniors again. To put into practice all the things I have been working on through two winters and many lockdowns. I wouldn't care if there was just one Junior coming, I would still be looking forward to it. I hope we ill get back some of the momentum that we had started to gain before the world went crazy and get back to teaching our Juniors about our fantastic sport.


Junior Sec.

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