Welcome to our new website!

Updated: Mar 2

I am so excited for you to take a look around the Junior portal to Dorchester & District Angling Society. I have wanted to launch our own site for a while now and, although DDAS has a fully functional website, this new Junior angler based site will open up everything that we do to potential new anglers, their parents and to local schools. The Junior website will remain fully integrated into the main DDAS site with links and shortcuts to the relevant pages there. You will find information on who we are and what we do. The dates and venues where Junior event take place. How to join the Juniors and membership information.

There is a new clothing range to help make us all look smart and feel part of something special.

There is more important sections on COVID restrictions and the rules and regs of the club.

There will also be reports and pictures from the latest Junior activities as soon as we can get fishing again.

It has been a dark few months...But Spring is coming and Summer soon after. With any luck the smiles will be returning to our faces again as we celebrate, together, the wonderful sport of fishing.

But until then,

Welcome to www.ddasjuniors.co.uk!

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