What will 2021 bring?

That's a pretty good question...

It hasn't started off as I had planned so far, Cancelling the first planned event isn't the way I wanted to begin the new season. But it has turned out to be the best move. COVID vaccines are well under way and, as long as the virus reads the guidelines the government set out, we will even be shaking hands again by July!

Beautiful Luckfield Lake
Coaching at Luckfield 10th April 11am to 4pm

The first event is now at Luckfield on the 10th April (11am to 4pm). The event will have limited places (10 pegs) so book in early if you want to come. There are already only 9 places available....

But what's new for DDAS Juniors for 2021? Well, pretty much everything from 2020 really.... We did host a few sessions last year, but it felt like a false start seeing as we were all back in lockdown again pretty quickly. The Coaching Program has been talked about a fair bit and we've even managed to expand it slightly, adding another level to incorporate Carp fishing techniques and equipment thanks to input from Tom Foyle. As time goes on, I would like to include other disciplines into the coaching like river, pike and maybe even fly fishing. But I'm getting ahead of myself slightly here. Let's see if what we have now works before getting too excited.

The booklet has been updated to include sections on Carp fishing (Tom Foyle) and River fishing (Jon Bass). It still needs a lot of work doing on it and I'll sort that out when I can. The website has taken over slightly and I need to start thinking about the new season.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those that have so generous. With no events being held an no new Juniors to equip, the donations kept coming throughout lockdown. So we have an abundance of tackle to loan out to any new members in the coming year.

Our new clothing range is available now through Glenn Taylor at QWIKFAST. It is our familiar club green with our really cool Juniors logo embroidered on the front. There are some summer options for Juniors only in white. From my own Junior fishing days (Yes, I can remember back that far!), we only had jackets. But the feeling of being in a group and 'wearing a uniform' was very special to me. A feeling of belonging to a team and being instantly recognisable was a good one. It also means you have 'Fishing clothes' to wear instead of your regular clothes. Information on purchasing garments from our range is on the website, just give Glenn a call and discuss with him what you require and the sizes you need.

Lastly, with just over a month to go before we, hopefully, do start the 2021 season, don't forget that Juniors can still send me videos of themselves setting up the waggler float for the coaching sessions. It will save you having to do it again at the lake and will mean you can move on to something else. It is up to you of course, but try to practice your loop knots (Figure of eight) and putting those fiddley shots on the line. Any questions, just ask.

That's it for this post. Hopefully we will have more to talk about soon....

For now, take care and stay safe...

Junior Sec.

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