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Rod Holdalls.

Rod Holdalls or 'Ready Rod Bags' are designed to carry your rods, reels and accessories like landing net handles. A good rod bag will have and reinforced base, and padded sides to protect your expensive equipment. As usual, there are plenty of options ranging from a capacity from 1, up to 6 rods in one bag. A sensible option for a beginner is for a bag with a 2 rod capacity (a waggler rod and a feeder rod). Look for bags that have a padded divider to separate your rods and prevent them from clashing when being carried.
Many will have a zipped pocket on the side for landing net handles, whips, etc.

The real beauty of these types of bag, apart from keeping your rods safe, is that they are designed to accommodate fully assembled rods and reels so you can get fishing as soon as possible. You fit your reel, thread the line through all the rings, attach your float or feeder (depending on what kind of rod it is), fold it all up and store it in the Ready Rod Bag. Hook and all.




Rod Socks and Bands.

As an additional level of protection, handy items called Rod Socks are available. Made from neoprene, they are a padded sock that fits over the ends of your folded rod. It may seem like over kill, but if you have spent good money on a good rod, you will never be able to give it too much protection. They help to keep your rod sections together once folded too. 

Also made from neoprene, Rod Bands are simple wraps fastened with Velcro to keep you rods together.

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