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Dew Water Lane, Cary Valley, Somerton, Somerset TA11 6LJ




51.059364 , -2.7316534

Six mature lakes offering a multitude of fishing opportunities. From excellent silverfish and Bream fishing, to some very big Carp indeed.

£7.50 to juniors.

Over 130 pegs onsite.

Carp, F1 Carp, Goldfish species, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Catfish, Pike & Tench.

Ample parking close to the lakes.


1. Carp net limit is 60lb. Nets over 70lb will disqualify the participant. 

2. Silverfish net limit is 50lb. Nets over 50lb will be discounted.

3. Fish are not to be moved out of the keepnet once they have gone in.

4. All keepnets and landing nets to be spread out on the bank to dry and not introduced to the water until 5 minutes before the start of the match.

5. You can fish no further than half way to the next angler.

6. Pellet Rule - Only coarse or carp pellet to be fed, all other types of pellet only allowed on hook. (not during the pellet ban)

7. Pellet Ban (includes hook baits) - Start of November - mid March. (includes boilies, pop ups, wafters etc.)

8. Boilies, dumbells, pop ups, wafters etc. allowed on the hook but not to be fed. (not during the pellet ban)

9. No bloodworm & joker.

2kg of groundbait maximum allowed, to be fed through a feeder or a pole cup. Small nuggets of groundbait/soaked pellet can be fed by hand up to 5 metres.

 10. No feeding with a pole while you have a rod out.

11. No method feeders, banjo feeders or coil feeders.

12. No candle or rattler floats.

13. All leads and feeders must be free running, no fixed rigs, no elasticated feeders.

14. All leads and feeders must have a minimum hooklength of 12 inches. No tucking or using any other method for reducing hooklengths.

15. Barbless hooks only.

16. No use of braided line.

17. No baits on the surface but you can pop baits up.

18. No floating poles.

19. No standing on your box.

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