The Coaching team at DDAS Juniors is a mixed group of volunteer anglers with a broad range of experience and interests in the field of Coarse fishing.

Lead Coach says,

"As the Lead Coach, I need a group of assistants behind me that are trustworthy, patient and approachable. My team has an abundance of these qualities which makes my job so much easier.  We also share a passion for angling and a commitment to share our knowledge with new young anglers."

Graham Howard - Junior Secretary

So who are we?


Junior Secretary and
Lead Coach

"I have been an angler since I was four years old. Although I am a match fisherman at heart, I have also fished for Carp and Pike in the past. I worked in the fishing industry for 9 years making all kinds of rigs. I have fished all over the country in various leagues and teams at National Division 1 level.

I am now a qualified Level 2 angling coach and Junior Secretary/Lead coach with DDAS Juniors. My challenge now is to build a successful Junior section to secure a future for the club."


Assistant Junior Secretary

"Fishing is more than a hobby to me, I live and breathe it. Any body of water I see, I think how would I fish it. I love my carp fishing but also adore fishing our Frome. I can’t wait to help others learn and progress in our fantastic sport."


Assistant Coach

"I have many years experience as an Angler, having tried all branches of the sport except Fly Fishing. For the last few years I have concentrated on match style fishing, but really l just want to be on the bank catching some new PB's and improving my skills."


Assistant Coach

"I've been fishing since I was five years old and still totally crazy about it. I consider myself as an all round angler from course, carp, sea, shore and boat, I don't really mind what kind of fishing it is, as long as I'm fishing somewhere.”


Assistant Coach

"I’m a born again fisherman as a result of my son Oliver & a trip to our local tackle shop. We joined DDAS juniors which has introduced us to a new group of friends and we haven't looked back. Fishing as a sport unites us as a family and we enjoy the atmosphere of a club match and pleasure fishing alike. Catching bigger and bigger Carp is our favourite challenge, but a recent Pike has ignited a new quest to target a river monster!!!"


Assistant Coach

"I started fishing with my grandfather in the West Midlands. My favourite fishing is coarse fishing and I have represented the Navy at national level. I relish any opportunity to fish and I love the peace and quiet. I look forward to sharing my passion for angling with my grandson one day."


Assistant Coach

"I’m a life long Coarse angler focusing of late on specimen Carp. Representing the UK Armed Forces, I have fished throughout the UK and further afield from the rivers of Holland to chasing Arapaima in Thailand. A qualified coaching assistant, I have been a DDAS member for over 35 years."


Assistant Coach

"At 13, I was given the choice of either giving up fishing or experimenting with explosives. I stuck with fishing and still feel excitement when I hook a fish. There is always more to learn about fishing and I'm happy to help others develop skills and new methods. Before retirement, I worked studying freshwater life in rivers and streams. I now volunteer with the Wessex Rivers Trust."

Andy hawkins

Assistant Coach

I have been fishing since I was 7, starting on small river trout then fly fishing. I joined the DDAS at 12 and got into coarse fishing. After spending time match fishing, with some success, I turned to pleasure fishing on local lakes and rivers.

In my younger years I attended Sparsholt college for fisheries management and became a fish farm manager for many years, now taking it no less easy as a gardener and support worker for the elderly.