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Rod Accessories.

Rod accessories help you to fish more efficiently and make your life a little easier. At least that's the theory. Feeder fishing in particular needs a few extra items to function correctly.

Feeder Arm.

You can't really sit and hold a feeder rod comfortably for long periods, so you need to put your rod down on something. A good place to start is with a Feeder Arm. 
This fully adjustable arm extends out in front of you and is attached to a leg on your seat box. Of the examples pictured above, the middle one is probably more likely to be useful for most fishing situations.









Rod Rest Head.

There are many different types of Rod Rest Head,

most of which are adjustable.

You can get rod rests with multiple slots upon which you

can position and re-position your rod without turning the

reel handle. This will fit to your Feeder Arm.






Butt Rest.

This little gadget can save you a lot of money in replacing lost

rods. You only need be distracted for a split second to allow a

feisty fish to pull your rod into the water. A Butt Rest grips the 

handle of your rod and prevents it from being dragged in.
Worth its weight in gold.

Cross Arm.

A little support arm to fix your Butt rest to.

Fixes to the leg of your seat box.

Butt Rest.jpg
Rod rest head.jpg
Cross Arm.jpg
Feeder Arms.jpg
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