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" - If people concentrated on the really important things in life,

there would be a shortage of fishing rods - "



Using the equipment properly is the next step to becoming an angler. £5.00 per Junior.

Once Juniors have been 'hooked' on fishing from a Taster Session, they will need to learn how to use their equipment. 

Thanks to Dorset County Council, we are able to hold casting lessons at Kings Road playing field in Dorchester. 

Using some adapted tennis balls, Juniors can learn the art of casting with a fishing rod safely in a marked out area of the field. The tennis ball is exactly the same weight as a loaded Method feeder, so it is a fairly accurate simulation to how it will feel when they cast a rod for real.

Participants will learn of the 'eight steps to casting' including that vital safety check behind them to make sure it is safe to cast.

Casting Lessons will teach Juniors how to use the line clip on their reel which will become a useful weapon in the battle of wits with fish.

The Casting Lessons are not just for beginners either. There will be lessons on how to use Winding Sticks, for better accuracy at longer range casts, in the more advanced levels of the Coaching Program.

Casting Lessons will be posted as they happen on the website and on Facebook.

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