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" - The best fisherman I know try not to make the same mistakes over and over again; instead they strive to make new and interesting mistakes and to remember what they learned from them - "




Friendly competitive events to win prizes and points towards the Junior and Silverfish championships. 

DDAS juniors run a series of matches throughout the year that serve a few purposes.

First and foremost, it's fun. There is a friendly competitive atmosphere that our young anglers find stimulating...and it can be pretty exciting for the coaches and parents too.
Secondly, the match scenario means that participants have to try to fish on their own, with help from coaches being reduced according to the individuals skill level and requirements. This gives the coaches a measure of how the Juniors are progressing.

Thirdly, points are collected throughout the year towards a Junior Championship trophy and a a runners-up award, weights of silverfish are accrued towards a Silverfish Championship, as well as a Specimen Trophy, a Pairs Trophy and a trophy for the most improved angler of the year, chosen by the lead coach. 

DDAS Junior matches take place on a variety of waters, each with their own characteristics. This provides a range of challenges to young anglers that help them gain experience on different venues.

Club affiliated venues like Harbourbridge Lake in Chickerell, Kingcombe Lakes near Maiden Newton and Revels Fishery all host coaching and match events.
Outlying fisheries such as Todber Manor, Whitemoor and Mangerton give our Juniors a bigger challenge because of the reputation of these venues to throw up some very big weights.

New anglers should not be put off by our matches. Every fishing trip is a chance to learn something new, or remember something you shouldn't have forgotten. The learning never stops, even after 40 years of fishing.

Booking a Space for our matches is exactly the same as any of our coaching sessions. 

Download the Spond App and search for DDAS Juniors to request a code. After that it's easy!

Please note, Bookings for all Junior events closes at 9pm on the Thursday prior to the date of the event.

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