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" - If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago - "


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Most anglers start off with handed down, borrowed or gifted tackle from friends or relatives who fish themselves. As we gain more experience, we inevitably gain more tackle. We can sell it. We can throw it out. But DDAS Juniors have been lucky enough to have some great friends in the fishing community who have donated unused or unwanted tackle to our up and coming new anglers.
Proper fishing tackle is expensive and we can help ease the stress on parents bank accounts as their son or daughter gets the fishing bug.

The Re-Gen Program takes in donated tackle items sorts out what we can use for our Juniors and makes it possible for new anglers to get the best start to their fishing career, with some usable second hand tackle.

Other items are sold to raise funds for new equipment.
Juniors/parents can sign out and borrow the items until they can replace it with their own, they no longer need it or they become too old for the Juniors. At which time the tackle is handed back to be passed on to the next wave of new anglers coming into the sport.

The borrowing of tackle in this way also gives the Juniors a sense of responsibility to clean, care for and look after the tackle items so they can be passed on in good condition.

Contact Si Wagner on 07779156327 to enquire

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"I started my fishing journey with tackle given to me by my Dad, my Uncle and several friends. I remember all of them and the feeling of 'new gear' that quickly became my own. I didn't have to hand it back, but it gave me an appreciation of peoples generosity and kindness. So much so that I felt it my duty to look after it and keep it all clean and tidy. Part of the Junior training is to encourage Juniors to take responsibility for their equipment. After all, you wouldn't be allowed on a football or rugby pitch with filthy kit, and there is no excuse for anglers either. Your tackle will also last much longer if it is cared for and it looks nicer too. Not to mention that you represent your club when you are out fishing, and good impressions last."

Graham Howard

Junior Secretary.


If you have items of tackle that you would like to donate, please contact Si Wagner on 07779156327 to make arrangements.

Please be aware that storage of donated tackle is in short supply, particularly after the lockdowns when we can move it on. Tackle needs to be in a good condition and immediately usable. The Re-Gen is not a dumping ground for garage clear outs.

Just Coarse fishing tackle please, no sea or game fishing... Thank you.

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