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DDAS Juniors Tackle Re-Gen
DDAS Juniors Re-Gen Tackle

Most anglers start off with handed down, borrowed or gifted tackle from friends or relatives who fish themselves. As we gain more experience, we inevitably gain more tackle. We can sell it. We can throw it out. But DDAS Juniors have been lucky enough to have some great friends in the fishing community who have donated unused or unwanted tackle to our up and coming new anglers.
Proper fishing tackle is expensive and we can help ease the stress on parents bank accounts as their son or daughter gets the fishing bug.

The Re-Gen Program takes in donated tackle items sorts out what we can use for our Juniors and makes it possible for new anglers to get the best start to their fishing career, with some usable second hand tackle.

Other items are sold to raise funds for new equipment.
Juniors/parents can sign out and borrow the items until they can replace it with their own, they no longer need it or they become too old for the Juniors. At which time the tackle is handed back to be passed on to the next wave of new anglers coming into the sport.

The borrowing of tackle in this way also gives the Juniors a sense of responsibility to clean, care for and look after the tackle items so they can be passed on in good condition.

DDAS Juniors Re-Gen Tackle

"I started my fishing journey with tackle given to me by my Dad, my Uncle and several friends. I remember all of them and the feeling of 'new gear' that quickly became my own. I didn't have to hand it back, but it gave me an appreciation of peoples generosity and kindness. So much so that I felt it my duty to look after it and keep it all clean and tidy. Part of the Junior training is to encourage Juniors to take responsibility for their equipment. After all, you wouldn't be allowed on a football or rugby pitch with filthy kit, and there is no excuse for anglers either. Your tackle will also last much longer if it is cared for and it looks nicer too. Not to mention that you represent your club when you are out fishing, and good impressions last."

Graham Howard

Junior Secretary.

Click the image below to see items for sale.

If you have items of tackle that you would like to donate, please contact the Junior Secretary CLICK HERE.

Please be aware that storage of donated tackle is in short supply, particularly after the lockdowns when we can move it on. Tackle needs to be in a good condition and immediately usable. The Re-Gen is not a dumping ground for garage clear outs.

Just Coarse fishing tackle please, no sea or game fishing... Thank you.

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Tackle items are always being donated and/or returned to our Re-Gen Program. If there are any items on the list below that you might find useful for your Junior angler, drop me a line and quote the number of the item/s that you wish to borrow and quote the membership number of the recipient. I will get the item/s sorted for you to collect or pick up at our next event. Needless to say, the Re-Gen items are for JUNIORS ONLY and they remain the property of Dorchester & District Angling Society unless sold.

Items may be purchased for an agreed price. All funds go back to DDAS Juniors.

Items in grey have already been loaned out.




001 - ULTIMATE Seat box with footplate and wheel kit

002 - MAVER Reality Seat box (No footplate)

003 - BOSS Aluminium platform (For wading)

004 - Black plastic moulded seat box (Trolley for item No. 007)

005 - Foldaway Camo stool/chair

006 - Green metal compact foldaway pull along trolley

007 - Heavy duty pull along trolley (Came with item 004)

008 - Black Foldaway trolley - Carter Lynock

009 - BRILO Euro Box seat box with multiple spares listed below.

         Side tray and square bowl | Mini feeder arm | Balling arms | Red side bowl | Small aluminium side tray | Collapsible bait bowl           | Footplate.
         Additional spares in Carryall 207 are.
         5x 40cm legs with mud feet | 1x 25cm leg | 1x 30cm leg | 1x 50cm leg | 3x large mud feet | 1x Long accessory bar | 1x Short           accessory bar | 2x 25cm leg no mud feet | 1x 30cm leg no mud foot | 1x short accessory bar | 1x short bank stick | Various             accessory blocks. All of the above are from the Octoplus System.

010 - RIVE Blue plastic moulded seat box - Carter Lynock

011 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS X5 OnBox with footplate and trolley - Max Faulkner



100 - RON THOMPSON X-Symmetry float Reel (New)

101 - RON THOMPSON X-Symmetry float Reel (New)

102 - RON THOMPSON X-Symmetry float Reel (New)

103 - RON THOMPSON X-Symmetry float Reel (New)

104 - GRANDE SLAM Advanced 4000 Feeder reel (New)

105 - DAIWA Graphite DS1650 feeder (No line clips | 2 spare spools)

106 - SILSTAR FX40 float reel

107 - WINNER Promaxx 30 float reel

108 - RED WOLF RD351 float reel

109 - FISH ZONE Dakota GR2000 float reel

110 - OKUMA Access float reel

111 - BROWNING Matrio 30 float reel

112 - ABU GARCIA Cardinal 103 float reel (spare spool)

113 - OKUMA Opi drag Carp reel

114 - TFG Airlite feeder reel - Noah Holding

115 - ZEBCO - COOL float reel - Noah Holding


200 - MAVER Platinum Jumbo carryall

201 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Hardcase carryall

202 - TEAM DAIWA 4 tube rod/pole holdall

203 - TEAM DAIWA 4 tube rod/pole holdall

204 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Essential Large carryall

205 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Monster Triple netbag (Contains landing nets)

206 - MAVER Platinum Jumbo Carryall (Contains Pole rollers)

207 - FOX MATCH Jumbo carryall (Contains spares to Brilo box)

208 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Monster feeder bag and tackle box (inside item 004)

209 - MAVER 4 tube rod/pole holdall (inside item 004)

210 - SHAKESPEARE Agility 4 tube rod/pole holdall (inside item 004)

211 - TRAKKER Leads and bits bag (inside item 004)

212 - NGT Rod pod bag

213 - DAIWA Airity 6 tube pole/rod holdall

214 - DAIWA Team Daiwa 6 tube pole/rod holdall

**NEW** 215 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Essential Netbag/Carryall


300 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Off box Mega side tray (Needs thumbwheel)

301 - FOX MATCH Large side tray

302 - Multi-waiter

303 - MATRIX Side tray cover (Damaged but functional)

304 - MAVER Pole Roost - Jake Taylor

305 - MAVER side tray - Max Faulkner

306 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Keep net bar (missing one attachment) - Max faulkner

307 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Keep net bar (no attachments) - Jack Copp


400 - Adjustable feeder rest head

401 - MAP Eva zipped container

402 - MAP Eva zipped container with 4 bait tubs

403 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Fix angle rod rest head

404 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Off box seat box cover

405 - SENSAS Collapsible groundbait bowl

406 - DERRYBOOTS size 10

407 - MAVER groundbait bowl hoop (Hoop only)

408 - MAVER Double pole roller and bag

409 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS 50cm pole roller

410 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS V roller + tripod + bag (older version)

411 - BOSS pole roller

412 - 30cm mini pole roller

413 - 30cm mini pole roller

414 - Tripod stand

415 - Blue V roller head (New)

416 - SEYMO mini V roller head

417 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Deluxe spray bar - Oliver Smith


419 - Small foldaway stool

420 - Small foldaway stool

421 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Fix angle rod rest head

**NEW** 422 - BOSS adjustable feeder arm

**NEW** 423 - Unbranded feeder arm

424 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Feeder arm and rod rest head - Max Faulkner


500 - DRENNAN 20” Landing net

501 - MIDDY F1-55 Landing net

502 - KEENETS Aqua power Landing net

503 - ABU GARCIA XL-elence Carp Landing net

504 - MAVER ‘D’ frame Landing net

505 - ROGUE specimen 24” Landing net

506 - NGT Landing net

507 - KEENETS Carp tipper Landing net

508 - Greys spoon Landing net

509 - Foldaway Stalking Landing net

510 - Double keep net and bag combo

511 - WATERLINE Match Landing net

512 - Double Keep net and Eva bag combo (Split bag)

513 - Double Keep net and bag combo

514 - ULTIMATE 3m Keep net

515 - FRENZEE FXT Landing net

516 - MAVER Hair rig Landing net

**NEW** 517 - DINSMORE landing net


600 - ABU GARCIA Agenda 12ft 3pc Float rod (needs 2 new rings)

601 - DISCOVERY 12ft 3pc float rod

602 - BROWNING Aggressor 15ft 3pc float rod 

603 - SHAKESPEARE 13ft 3pc float rod

604 - FISHZONE Apex 12ft 3pc float rod

605 - 2XL 12ft 3pc float rod

606 - SUNDRIDGE Proton 13.5ft 3pc float rod

607 - No name 14ft 3pc float rod (Damaged cork handle)

608 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Carbon Active 13ft 3pc float rod

609 - MITCHELL Adventure Flash 363 12ft 3pc float rod

610 - ABU GARCIA Carbon Legerlite 100 10ft 2pc leger rod/pellet waggler rod

611 - MASTERLINE John Wilson 11ft Avon combo quiver rod

612 - ZEBCO - Trophy 11ft 2pc feeder (Needs tips)

613 - PRESTON INNOVATIONS Carbon active 12ft feeder

614 - OAKWOOD Carp 12ft 2.75tc 2pc Carp rod

615 - NGT Sportstar 6ft spinning rod

616 - SHAKESPEARE Firebird 7ft spinning rod

617 - SHAKESPEARE - Sigma 10ft feeder rod - Noah Holding 

618 - MAVER Abyss X 10ft Pellet Waggler rod - Noah Holding


700 - LINAFFE Starter 6006 6 metre whip

701 - LINAFFE Starter 6006 6 metre whip

702 - LEEDA Concept GT 5 metre elasticated whip

703 - MIDDY Battlezone4 4 metre Margin power whip (slightly damaged but won't break for Silver fish)

704 - MAVER Totality 680 6.8 metre Margin pole with one spare top kit

705 - MAVER Abyss X 9 metre Margin pole

706 - BROWNING Ambition 3 metre shock margin pole

707 - MAVER Apocalypse 14.5 metre pole + 3 top kits + cupping kit

708 - SHIMANO Perfection Competition 12.5 metres

709 - MAVER Nebula 13 metre pole + 2 top kits