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" - The fishing was good; It was the catching that was bad - "




Structured coaching sessions to teach our Juniors the basics of fishing one step as at a time.

We have spent a lot of time carefully creating a structured coaching program for our Junior members. From basic fishing techniques and fish welfare in level one, right up to more advanced methods in level seven. Juniors will be able to learn and practice new skills at their own pace. They will be rewarded for their achievements with a certificate and a badge on the completion of each level.

There is a small charge of just £5.00 for the coaching sessions, funds that are poured back into providing some of the equipment that is provided for participants to use, from hooks to rods. 

"Do I need any tackle of my own?"

Not at first. If you don't have any tackle of your own, some will be provided for you. You can borrow from our tackle regeneration program, until you get some of your own. Then the borrowed tackle can be returned for someone else to use.

"Do I need to be a member of the DDAS?"

Yes. So parents and juniors are covered by the clubs insurance at the events.

With CLUBMATE, joining DDAS is so easy and just a few clicks away. Safe and secure, CLUBMATE can be used on your mobile so, if you have had a Taster Session and really want to join in the main coaching sessions, you can join there and then. 

"Will I need a rod licence?"

You will not need to worry about a rod licence if the participating Junior is under 13. If they are over 13, a temporary rod licence waiver will be arranged for you by the Junior Secretary.

"How do I book a Coaching Session?"

Just go on to the website and click 'Book a Space' on the event that you want to attend and that's it! Your Juniors place will be booked for the corresponding event. Please note, Bookings for all Juniors events close at 9pm on the Thursday prior to the date for the event.

"Will I need my own bait?"

Yes. A report will go out to everyone who has booked a space advising you on which baits to bring, what and how you are likely to catch some fish.

"How long are the sessions?"

Starting at 10.30am, sessions are usually four hours with a break for lunch in the middle.

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