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" - Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught - "




A 'Have a go' session for girls and boys that have never had the chance to try fishing before.

Taster sessions are designed to allow prospective new anglers to get hands on with some truly wonderful creatures. The excitement of seeing the float disappear for the first time, feeling a wriggley fish on the end of the line and actually being able to see and touch an animal that you would not otherwise be able to, is truly memorable. An experience that every angler can vividly remember for the rest of their lives.

Come and take the first step into a much bigger world and join our fishing family.


Taster Sessions are available to book at any time of the year, but sunny days are best.
Please contact the Junior Secretary, Graham Howard, on, by calling 01305263184, or text to 07368213313

"Do I need any experience or tackle?"

No. Everything is supplied for you to use, including bait. All you need to bring is yourself, some enthusiasm, and be willing to learn.

"Do I need to be a member of the DDAS?"

No. Parents will be asked to sign a temporary membership form which will cover the participants under the clubs insurance for the duration of the session.

"Will I need a rod licence?"

You will not need to worry about a rod licence if the participating Junior is under 13. If they are over 13, a temporary rod licence waiver will be arranged for you by the Junior Secretary. (Some personal information will be required)

"How much are the Taster Sessions?"

Our Taster Sessions are absolutely free!

"How do I book a Taster Session?"

We try to book Taster Sessions to suit you where possible. Contact the Junior Secretary either by phone to 01305 263184, text to 07368213313, by email to juniors.sec@d-das.comor via Facebook Messenger at DDAS Juniors.

If a rod licence waiver is required, then allow plenty of time for the arrangements to be made with the Angling Trust.

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