Junior Match Rules

We have adapted the general club match rules to make the Junior matches as fair and balanced as we can with taking the fun out of it.

The ability levels vary wildly between individuals and so there has to be a degree of flexibility to cater for this. However, the rules are there for everyone to follow. When juniors achieve level four and above, then they will be expected to strictly stay with the rules with no exceptions. General and competition rules are as follows.

General Rules

1. All members must conform to the Rules of the Environment Agency (EA) in all respects pertaining to fishing, particularly in possessing the appropriate rod licences where necessary.

2. Members must carry their membership cards as a means of identification at all times when on Society, concessionary or agreement waters.

3. NO guns, dogs, fires or radios are allowed where stated. No camping without the owners’ permission.

4. LITTER IS UNTIDY, DANGEROUS TO WILDLIFE & LIVESTOCK. IT MUST NOT BE LEFT ON THE BANK. Discarded nylon is particularly dangerous. Metal or plastic, disposable bait, food or drink containers must not be taken to the water.

5. No member’s vehicle may cross land to the water on any of the Society’s holdings except Heath Lake.

6. Fields laid up for hay must be avoided. Gates and all property must be left as found.

7. No fish may be taken other than by rod and line.

8. All fish caught are to be returned to the water alive and unharmed.

9. Braided lines and barbed hooks are only allowed on society waters when predator fishing. See separate ‘Predator Fishing Rules & Regulations in the handbook.

10. It is requested that members do not fish unduly with live bait, but where necessary only three live baits may be used by any one member on any one day. They must be caught by the member live baiting and must be used in the water where caught and not taken to other waters. This will avoid the danger of passing any disease to other waters.

11. Any member having a complaint to make must do so in writing to the Club or Junior Secretary within 48 hours of the alleged occurrence.

12. KEEPNETS: Some restrictions are in place, see each individual ‘Regulation Water’ Rules for details.

13. Fly-fishing and spinning (lures are permitted) is PROHIBITED at Wool & Worgret. No gaffs to be carried at both stretches.

14. The committee may institute a Day Ticket Scheme at their discretion.

15. The construction and use of keepnets, sacks and landing nets used by members must comply with the Environment agency regulations and bylaws current at the time of use.

MATCH RULES (Amended where applicable for Juniors where necessary)

1. The Junior Secretary, or his nominated Deputy for the day, has complete authority for the match on the day.

2. No competitor may disturb the water in any manner before the starting signal except for positioning the keepnet, mixing groundbait, plumbing the depth, and shotting floats.

(Keep nets are to be laid out on the bank until the order is given to place them in the water)

3. All competitors in junior club matches must be bone fide members of the Society.

4. Members wishing to take part in matches must inform the Junior Secretary by 9.00pm on the Thursday prior to the match. Members who enter a match but do not take part without informing the Junior secretary may still be liable for payment of any pegging fees where applicable.

5. The entry fee for all junior event/matches is set at £5.00 and shall be determined by the junior committee. Any pegging fees will be set as an additional cost on top of the event/match fee and will be by agreement with the fishery owner where applicable.

6. All matches shall be pegged by the Junior Secretary or assigned deputy. No member shall be permitted to re-draw.

7. The draw for matches will take place at a suitable time before commencement of the match to allow participants adequate time to fully prepare.

8. All competitors must fish from the bank and within one yard of their peg.

9. Competitors may only use one rod, one line and one hook at one and the same time. Any bait may (unless bait bans apply) be used except spinning tackle or live or dead fish.

10. A maximum of 16 metres of pole length (in hand) only is allowed in all DDAS matches.

11. It is the competitor’s responsibility to see that his/her fish are weighed live at his/her peg and returned carefully.

12. Pike or game fish are ineligible in matches.

13. Junior competitors may have assistance in playing, landing, and unhooking of any fish that they catch. (Participants on or over level four in the coaching program will strictly not be allowed assistance other than that outlined above during the period of a live event)

14. Game fish accidentally hooked must be handled carefully and returned to the water immediately.

15. When a competition is in progress, no competitor may approach another within ten yards without permission and then only from the rear.

16. Complaints of unfair conduct must be made immediately to the Junior Secretary.

17. All competitors must stop fishing immediately the signal to stop (whistle) is given, except if already playing a fish, in which case the call ‘Fish on’ is to be announced at the signal to stop. A further 20 minutes is permitted to land the fish.

18. The Junior Secretary has discretion to postpone a match either before or on the day of the match.

19. A match may not be abandoned within the first hour or when a competitor has caught a fish.

20. When a match is abandoned, or postponed, the reserve date shall apply; your original entry stands and the match will be redrawn. If you do not wish to fish the match on the reserve date, please cancel your entry. If the match cannot be fished on the reserve date, then all members shall be notified of the new date and must re-enter for the match in the usual way.

21. Except where they are in conflict with the Society’s rules, NFA rules will apply in matches.

22. Competitors are responsible for clearing all litter from their peg. Failure to do so will result in not being weighed in until it is cleared up.

If you have any questions arising from any of the above rules, then please contact the Junior Secretary by email to juniors.sec@d-das.com or by calling 01305 263184.

Graham Howard
DDAS Junior Secretary