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Seat Box.

Apart from a pole, this is the most expensive thing that you will ever buy for fishing. At least it should be! This is the reason that we try to help parents out with our Re-Gen scheme. 
A decent seat box will set you back at least £150. The one in the picture is around £250, and they can go way over £1000 if you can afford it!
Why have a seat box though? Do you really need one?
The simple answer is no, not really. Some anglers fish perfectly comfortably from a chair. 
But you want to store all the bits and pieces, so they are handy to get to and all in in one place, then you want a seat box. 
A good seat box will have a well-padded seat, sturdy adjustable legs, and a firm footplate.

It is an advantage to have adjustable telescopic legs so that you do not have to faff around with the height of your box once you have where you want it.

The main legs can hold, not only you and the box, but side trays, pole roosts, and other attachments.

A footplate means that the two legs at the front of the plate can used to attach all manner of accessories like tool bars, keep net arms, and feeder arms.

If you seat box does not come with a levelling bubble it is a good idea to buy one separately and fix it to the box. A level seat box is important to maintaining a healthy back if you do a lot of fishing. Having said that, platforms are common at modern fisheries. but, even so, you still need to level your box in!

Pole fishing is very common even for pleasure anglers. Using a pole from a chair just does not feel as easy as it does from a seat box.

A chair will score over a seat box when it comes to weight. Transporting your box to the lake can be back breaking work if you do not have a trolley.

Tackle Trolley/Barrow.

A decent trolley will save your back, if not your bank account. Trolleys will come in 2- or 4-wheel versions. One is easier to push than the other. You decide which would be easier. 
Bulky when set up, they pack away almost flat in the car. Most come with extra storage for transporting all the tackle that you have purchased. 

They are not cheap, and I would not say that you definitely need to have a trolley to go fishing. But, after a few journeys to the lake carrying a seat box, you'll certainly be thinking about getting one before too long.It is 

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