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2024 AGM/Presentation Evening - 06/04/24

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sat in my lounge with a coffee thinking about the events of the previous evening. Last nights AGM/Presentation evening has come and gone in the blink of an eye and, like everything in life, has been stored on the dusty shelves of my memory.

For me, this annual event comes with a terrifying mixture of excitement, fear, satisfaction, and bowel loosening relief.

Although I feel like I’m getting a little more used to it, my comfort zone has never been in the realm of public speaking. The rollercoaster of emotions that wash through me during the junior report goes from the feeling of joy when a humorous comment generates a light ‘titter’ from the gathered crowd to the moment when my knees start to oscillate uncontrollably causing my throat to constrict and my words to become wedged.

It is normal for me to feel like I’m boring the pants off everyone present. Maybe I do, but I make no apology for droning on when the subject is an exemplary season of junior fishing.

When it is all over a wash of relief and satisfaction washes over me. I had so many people come up me to congratulate us on what we are doing and what we have achieved so far. It brings warmth to my soul to know that we have the support of the club at large behind us.

My favourite part of the evening is the presentation of the awards and trophies. I think it stems from the fact that receiving gifts from people is far surpassed by the act of giving. It’s much more satisfying.

I will include a list of last nights’ award winners below, but a few that stood out the most were the wonderful handmade trophy that Chris and Lee made for us to celebrate Jack Cryer breeching the 200lb barrier last November. Seeing Kenzie Toulson’s face when he heard his name called for his ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ award, and the chance to say a few words about the remarkable skills of Jack Copp over the last 12 months. All the awards were enormously satisfying to hand out, these were the highlights for me.

Every year we create more memories that may or may not linger in the minds of those involved. Either way, I’m proud to say that DDAS Juniors is making a difference to those who join our fishing family. I feel this every time we host session, but it hits home beautifully when we get the chance to come together to celebrate it.

My only regret will be that we did not start it all sooner….

Your list of award winners this year are;

2023 Junior Points Champion

Jack Copp

2023 Junior Points Championship Runner-Up

Josiah Wells-Parkes

2023 Junior Silverfish Champion

Jack Copp

The Revels Cup for Most Promising Newcomer

Kenzie Toulson

The Alan Hilton Memorial Cup (1st Match)

Harry Cryer

Junior Specimen Award Winner

Kenzie Toulson (13lbs 6ozs)

Junior Pairs Match Winners

Austin Scott-Kennedy & Oliver Smith

Senior/Junior Pairs Match Winners

Josiah Wells-Parkes & Si Wagner (absent)

Junior Knockout Winner

Oliver Smith

Martin Vine Memorial Cup

Jack Copp

Christmas Match Winner & recipient of the special award for 200lbs

Jack Cryer

Congratulations to all.

Lastly, thank you to all those involved in the thoughtful gift of the canvas montage presented to myself and the coaching team.

Juniors Sec…

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