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27/08/22 - Coaching #8 - Harbourbridge Lakes - Pre Event Report

Start – 10:30 Finish – 16:00 Fees - £5.00

Coaching subjects – How to thread elastic through a pole top kit + Continuation of coaching program.

It gives me great satisfaction to say that Harbourbridge fishery has been given a clean bill of health from the governing body as far as the KHV threat is concerned. Well done to all for the work done at the lakes to keep the virus from spreading any further. You are advised NOT to bring keep nets please, and to make sure you dip your landing nets and mats BEFORE YOU LEAVE the fishery. Leave your equipment to dry THOROUGHLY when you get home. This should be a matter of habit for you all by now, but it most important that we help Harbourbridge Lakes reduce the threat of a recurrence to zero.

I will be showing participants how I go about getting wriggly elastic inside a top kit using various tools and weapons at my disposal. This will be an age-appropriate demonstration with extensive use of a beeping machine… (There won’t be swearing I promise!).

Fans of the ‘Bog Tent’ will be pleased to know that it makes a long-awaited return this weekend, so make sure you check out the Coach’s Blog to see who wins that battle…

Numbers are down again but the silliness will overcome any short fall in attendance…There may even be some fish caught too!

Please refer to the website to see individual coaching progress.

Juniors Sec…

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