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30/07/22 - Junior Coaching #6 - Revels Fishery

Start: 10:30 Finish: 16:00

Fees £5.00

Despite some idiot saying at the end of the Luckfield match that the next session is in two weeks-time at Whitemoor, it is of course this weekend (30th). The person in question will be severely reprimanded…Possibly birched…

Unfortunately, Whitemoor is unavailable this weekend, But Jason has kindly allowed us to fish at Revels, either on Dead Tree Lake or Trendals. (Depending on numbers and availability).

We only have three juniors booked in at the time of posting this, so there plenty of spaces.

My bait recommendation would be the usual pellets of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, & 8mm. Wafters for the feeder. Might be worth bringing some expanders (4mm) A tin of luncheon meat Sweetcorn is optional. One bait that we may focus on is bread. Bread is working well on Trendals in particular at the moment, so we might take a look at how to fish bread a bit more in depth.

Another bait might be Paste. Although Paste isn’t a ‘go to bait’ at Revels, it might be worth looking at how it works and how to use it.

See you there...

Junior Sec…

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