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A change to your favourite blog

Fishing at Luckfield today as I was until the code brown hit the proverbial fan, I decided to make a small change to the post event blog posts... The coaches blog will cover the small items of news and/or pre-event reports. Post events reports will now be handled by

Yes, The Mud-Slinger will be your new go-to blog page to get your bi-monthly helping of bare faced lies, unbelievable fiction, and occasional facts about DDAS Junior events. Incidentally, if you look up the definition of 'Mudslinger' you will find that it describes someone who makes up Lies and untruths about other people and spreads them around. The other definition is of someone who soils themselves and throws the soiled garment at anyone close by. Either way, the name is very apt and fitting.

In truth, nothing has changed apart from an hour on Corel Paint Shop Pro and the name. (DDAS or DDAS Juniors in no way associates itself/themselves with with The Mud-Slinger)

Juniors Sec...

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