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Adjustments and RAIN!

Over the last few weeks, I have been becoming increasingly more aware that some of my hard work is on the website unprotected. I don't want to make the whole site for members only, of course, but for items that have taken lots of work and hours of building, I have made members (subscribers) only. The booklets page now requires you to subscribe to view it. It's free, naturally, but it just allows me to screen who is looking at it. If you haven't subscribed yet, please do so...


A few people have been kind enough to make me aware of a new group that has appeared on Facebook that is looking to get kids into fishing. There was a little bit of a misunderstanding which, I feel, has now been rectified and I have offered my full support to the group, 'Kids Catch', to help them in any way that I can. We were badged as being 'a big business'. DDAS Juniors is part of Dorchester & District Angling Society, a non-profit making organisation. We are not a business. I believe that if anyone has the vision to help get more kids into fishing then they should be applauded and supported. I wish them the best of luck...


It would appear that summer is most definitely finished, with rain and wind forecast for the weekend. It has put the skids under a taster session that I have been trying to get organised for two young ladies. I have promised them that I will take them fishing, even if it means that I have to drag a lake closer to them to do it... I have my fingers crossed for next weeks coaching session at Revels. We will go ahead unless the weather is truly biblical.


For those of you that are interested, the championship is heating up nicely.

One time runaway leader, Jake Taylor, has been pegged back by Ollie Smith, with Jack Copp on a winning streak by getting gold in the last two matches. The points are as follows:

Jake Taylor 127

Ollie Smith 122

Jack Copp 97

With just two points paying matches left, it's all to play for... (The Senior/Junior match and the Xmas match will not count towards the Championship)

Juniors Sec.

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