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Coaching #3 - Whitemoor - Pre event report

This Saturday we host the third of this years coaching events at the fantastic venue at Whitemoor Lakes. After a brief chat with Whitemoor Tom we have gone for the good old Top Lake (doughnut) again.

Just to remind you all that this week the fee will be £10, not the usual £5, because of pegging fees.

We will begin at 10:30 with a little H&S, followed by a chat about hooks and line. You will have a little fishing time before we have our afternoon chat.

At the time of writing I'm not quite sure what that will be about yet, but I'll think of something. If there is something you would like me to talk about, let me know. The session will end by 4pm at the latest.

The weather forecast looks good with mild temps and overcast skies. Parents might like the sunshine, but fish tend not to. So, we should have a good session.

Keep nets and Landing nets are provided for us by the venue, so you won't need to bring any of those with you either.

For those new to Whitemoor, the Top Lake is a small rounded square shape with an island in the middle. The lake contains very few silverfish, but lots of small Carp. It is an easy chuck to the island and those with poles long enough might even be able to fish close to it.

It has a bit of depth to it too. With depths of 4 or 5 feet in places. You can find directions to the venue on the Junior website. I will put signs out closer to the lake for you to follow. (Hopefully I will even remember to pick them up afterwards too!)

The fishing is relatively straight forward too. You will catch using a Method Feeder, with a float, or using a pole/Whip.

Your bait list will be the usual items: At least half a pint of maggots

2mm micro pellets

1 pint each of 4mm, 6mm, & 8mm hard pellets. Some method mix ground bait

Hook baits for feeder (Wafters)

Addition or optional baits:

4mm Expander pellets Sweetcorn I will confirm if Luncheon Meat is allowed before the start Some slices of white bread (Warburtons Toastie Orange)


In other news, and I'm quite excited by this, Jerry wrote to the Match Fishing Magazine after they published an article about the decline of Junior fishing matches. He told them about the work that we are trying to do with our group of intrepid youngsters and invited them along to one of our events. Today, Jerry got a reply from a chap called Dave Wesson saying that they are going to ask one of their photographers to come along to our match at Todber Manor on the 4th of June! Happy Days! Best get those T-shirts on order to look our very best for the cameras!

See you Saturday!

Juniors Sec...

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