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Coaching #4 - Harbourbridge - Pre-Event Report

Before the Pre-Event Report, there is a change to the calendar for July. The event that was originally planned for the 16th of July is now moved to the 23rd a week later. This is because of the rescheduled BBQ/presentation afternoon/evening. The venue for this event will now be Luckfield Lake.

Coaching #4 – Harbourbridge Lakes – Chickerell Start: 10:30am Finish: 4:00pm Fee: £5.00 What will we be doing? For this sessions coaching delights you will not have to listen to the Junior Secretary droning on about hooks or groundbait.

No sir.

For this session you will be thoroughly entertained by a true professional in the shape of the Red Fox himself, our very own Mr Tom Foyle.

I will be mostly sitting in the crowd, heckling at every opportunity…

Tom is going to give you two separate coaching sessions, one about the art of watercraft and the other about one of the more revolutionary materials in Carp fishing, PVA.

Other than this special occasion it will be business as usual.

Don’t forget to check on your junior’s progression to see what they need to focus on during this session. Make a note of it and tell the coaches what you need to do to go forward.

Bring the usual baits and even some unusual ones if you wish.

See you there…

Juniors Sec.

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