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Coaching, but not coaching, but still coaching. Christmas and a right pair!

The summer holidays are nearly here and there's going to be ample opportunities get a bit of extra fishing done. Your lead coach will planning to go fishing on Wednesdays throughout the summer holidays and you welcome to join me if wish? These will not be official coaching sessions that the juniors normally host, just a days fishing where you can ask all the questions you want to in a live fishing situation. There will not be any other coaches there (unless they choose to come along too), so Juniors will have to be looked after by parents. But, of course, I'll be there to help where I can. I'm going to try to fish a few different venues, and maybe some new ones. So, there be some variety to the fishing...Hopefully... First session will be on the 28th August with the venue to be confirmed soon... You don't have to book, but it would be nice to know if I am going to have company or not. If nothing more than to get all the expensive stuff out of the way!!! (Joking of course)


A couple of thoughts that I want to put out there for everyone to think about...

Firstly, I am thinking about having a Junior/Senior pairs match... I don't know what shape this is going to take or where or when it will happen. I can tell you that it will probably take place in October and may be happening at a extremely good lake that we have visited lately. (Subject to confirmation) The Senior half of the pair will be chosen by the Junior participant and must be a parent or one of our coaching staff members or helpers.

Trophy match only, not for points.

If anyone would like to donate a trophy for this event, then let me know... If you want this to happen and think it's a good idea, drop me a line...

Secondly, I want our Juniors to have their own Christmas match. The club Christmas event is a fantastic occasion and still well worth attending for members young and old.

But the skill level of the competitors is so high, the language can be described as 'industrial' at best and the prizes are not necessarily targeted at our younger members, as you would expect.

Having our own Xmas match would mean we could celebrate our seasons end in style and have some nice prizes to win. Again, if this is something that you think is

a good idea and you would be interested in participating in, contributing to or even donating a trophy for this event, then let me know asap because we will need to start looking for venues very soon... I could consider a Sunday for this event, but Saturdays are easier to book than Sundays...

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