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Fishing with the coach Wednesday

Fishing with the coach Wednesday will take us to Whitepost Upper Lake at Todber Manor, to revisit the venue that was so popular a few weeks ago. I will be exploring various methods including the method feeder and long pole, as well as Pellet Waggler and short line pole fishing in the margins. I will be getting to the shop at about 9am-ish, to have a look around and chat to the staff. If you would like to come up for a fish with me, then please make sure you go to the shop to get your ticket before going to the lake. The lake rules are on the Todber Manor website. Hopefully see you there!



This one is a slightly delicate subject but I will try to get my point and opinion across as best as I can. Following a performance far lower than was hoped for at Harbourbridge last week end, I have had to review the booking for the Junior/Senior Pairs match at the venue. I would like to point out that, this decision is in now way a reflection of the owner, management or of the fishery itself. It is more of a concern for the reaction of the lake to a high pressure situation. 11 anglers fished on the lake and, even though the top weight was over 80lbs, a fantastic weight by any measure, the rest of the anglers struggled to put together even a fraction of that, with many hours spent without a bite. There are many factors that could contribute to this lack of form, but I have to ensure that our juniors are not compromised by the elevated pressure from additional adults. If all our regular Juniors fish with an adult partner, we could have upwards of 18 anglers participating, and I believe that the lake may close down as it did on Sunday. I want to reiterate that this is more due to where the lake finds itself at the present time and not a true representation of the fishery as a whole. To add to that the possibility of the lake flooding later in the year, which could also put the spanner in the works... The Junior pairs match will be taking place as planned at Harbourbridge on the 4th of September. My personal opinion of the lakes at Harbourbridge is that, they are well worth a visit for some great sport. I am sure that future events will proof that what happened on Sunday is an isolated event and not a true reflection of Harbourbridge as a fishery. An alternative venue will be announced as soon as one is found.

Juniors Sec.

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