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Here it is, it's nearly Christmas....

No junior event this weekend, but it does give me another chance to remind everyone about the Christmas match at the end of November…Yes! Next month already!

The match is at Todber Manor on the 26th of November.

Everyone that fishes the match will get a prize, regardless of whether you catch or not.

There will be special prizes for the top three in the match.

The fees for the event will be £15 to help cover the costs of the prizes. This includes the £6 peg fee for the fishery.

To book into this event, you will need to download SPOND. Spond is a free App on your phone or Pc used for managing and organising events such as ours. The Christmas match is a trial run before next year when all junior events will be processed via the App. I am considering using the App to allow parents to pay when they book to save messing around with cash on the day. Another headache that I don’t have to worry about each time. Using Spond will incur a slight increase in the fees to £5.35 to cover the booking fees. Using the App will make booking in so much easier than it has been. Using the website has been such a faff, particularly this year when the process changed beyond my control.

Booking for this event will close on the 12th of November to allow us time to purchase the prizes/presents. So, you have a month to get everything in order before it’s too late.

There are currently 7 juniors booked in. 14 parents are yet to reply to any communication about downloading Spond.

Many of the juniors are now starting to use poles (When they remember to bring them!) so next weekend’s coaching session will include a tutorial on how to make your own pole rigs from scratch. Not only will this save you money, but you will get great satisfaction from catching fish with rigs that you have made yourself.

If you want to make a rig along with me, you will need the following items…

A spool of 5lb (0.15mm) line

Some Stotz (weights), sizes 8 to 12. A Stotter, or something to pinch the Stotz on to the line.

A Pole rig winder (Device to store your rig on) A pole float (A float of around 0.3g or 4x12) Some rubber float sleeves (I use the Frenzee sleeves in selection of sizes) Some scissors or clippers Some patience.

To complete the rig, you will need some hooks to nylon. What kind of hook you use will depend on the type of bait you intend to use. I recommend some straightforward size 18/16 hooks for soft pellets or maggots.

Obviously, if it is chucking it down with rain, The tutorial won’t happen.

Even I am not THAT cruel/daft.

Juniors Sec…

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