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Home found for match date!

A venue has finally been found for our orphaned match event on the 28th of August. We will be going to Luckfield Lake in Broadmayne. Luckfield seems to fish better in the early morning and in the evening. So, the event will remain and evening match. The draw will be held in the car park at 2.00pm Starting at 3.00pm and finishing at 7.00pm Please note that this match is now limited to just 10 spaces (for 10 pegs)

5 spaces have been booked already, so if you want to come, don't leave it too long or you will not get a peg... Originally the match was due to be held at Kingcombe on Lodge lake. But the weed growth has made large areas of the lake unfishable without lots of work to prepare it. The lake was only de-weeded recently, but due to the carity of the water, the weed grows at crazy speed. I tried to get to Mangerton lake, but they have a charity event booked and are unable to accommodate us. Having fished at Luckfield yesterday, it seemed to come alive in the evening. So I decided to move our match there and keep it an evening event.

I will post my usual event recommendations sometime next week.

Junior Sec.

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