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It's half term again! (Next week)

Half term means another chance to fish with your coaches for a free session at Sharnhill.

There is no booking or fees for this session, it is a chance to come fishing with us and see how we set up our equipment, how we fish, and ask any questions that you may want to ask outside of the normally busy coaching sessions. I am planning to go fishing on Wednesday I will be getting to the lake at around 8:30am and fishing to around 4pm. So pop down for a fish, chat, or just to laugh at any mistakes we make!


Sgt Bracey and I had a little fish at Todber yesterday, fishing from 10:00am until 4:30pm on Ash Lake. Although not the lake that the Junior event will be hosted on next week, it did give a reasonable indication of what to expect for the junior match. The Junior match will be on one or both of the Whitepost lakes. If it fishes anywhere near as good as it did yesterday, it is going to be epic. I will give you a full run down of how we fished and how we feel that would be the best way for our juniors to fish for maximum results. I ended up with 140 Carp for well over 250lbs, and Jerry landed approximately 70 Carp for 160lbs+. We both fished steadily and with no real effort. If some real focus was applied, the weights would have been much higher. (All practice results are artificial if not fished in match conditions. We had the whole lake to ourselves and were probably able to draw more fish than in a match).

Juniors Sec...

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