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Junior Coaching 05/06/2021 Harbourbridge Lakes

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Another beautiful day welcomed our juniors to their second visit to Harbourbridge Lakes in Chickerell. The sky was cloudless but a cool breeze threatened to keep temps low. I would like to point out at this stage that this report is going to look slightly different, due to the fact that I

got so wrapped up in helping the shrimps catch fish and how they were progressing, that I completely forgot to take any pictures! Men and multitasking and all that... I think I'm going to have to delegate in future.... Some photos were taken at the end and I will post them when I receive them...

Anyway, back to the session.

We had two new starters fishing with us on the match lake, Faith and Carter, and I was keen to make the day a good one for them. We also had a returning Thomas, with us again for the first time since 2019.

The day started in a slightly stressed manner, but things soon settled down and it turned out to be a lovely day for everyone. There were various different species showing up and down the lake. A nice 'proper' Carp for Max who managed just over 10lbs in total weight. Max is developing nicely into a very competent angler, even if James, Max's dad was a bit miffed at the size the Carp that he caught on the pole! Family rivalry is alive and well and very funny to watch! Well done Max....

Thomas showed that he has come on a lot since we saw each other last. Although he is truly a live wire, he has developed some skills that will see him become a competent angler. He caught some really nice fish today too.

Joseph did enough to earn himself passage through to the second level of the coaching program. The journey for this young man has not been quite as easy as it has for some of the others. But he has proved that the coaching program is flexible for those that need more time to achieve the standard needed to pass. Well done and congratulations.

Sophia continues to impress with her fishing skills. Her casting has really come on with her method feeder work. Hopefully she will be challenging the boys for the medals again very soon.

Junior newbie, Faith, impressed her coach with some exceptional casting and, for someone who is a little quieter than most, she really bonded with Jon and it was lovely to see her having little snippets of conversation with someone she barely knew. I think that she will develop into a good little angler in time.

Finally there was young Carter. He only turned up for a 1 hour taster session, but ended up joining the club using CLUBMATE and staying all day! He managed a just under 7lb of fish and, for his first every coarse fishing sessions, he did very well. He asked lots of questions and listened well. Two attributes that are never as common as you would like.

Everyone caught a few fish and Harbourbridge didn't disappoint our Juniors.

Special thanks to 2019 and reigning champion, Theo Cox, who made a late guest appearance bringing his championship trophy back ready for the presentation that will hopefully happen in August.

Huge thanks to Jim Roper for allowing us to use the match lake. I will post you some pictures soon...

Organising these events would be nothing without my brilliant team of coaches who today were Jon Bass, Tim Broughton & Jerry Bracey. Thank you as ever guys...

Superstar parents that join in with the fun learning and bring us their anglers to fish with. Lastly to our brilliant Juniors that make sunny day even brighter.

Junior Sec.

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