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Junior Knock Out Evening Series Round 2 - Revels- Stock Pond - Pre Event Report.

Following the success of the first round a few weeks ago, I am very much looking forward to the second round. Two hours of fish catching fun on a summers evening. What more could you want?

The peg numbers for this event were draw out by M’Lady (Trudie) the same as last time. This will save time on Friday night when time is short anyway. Participants may go straight to their allotted peg and set up as soon as they arrive.

Please throw out your keep nets on the ground before you start setting up so I can see that they are bone dry before putting them in the water.

The positions for the match are drawn in the order that the bookings were received except for Faith Stone who has already qualified but wants to come and fish anyway. Faith’s peg was drawn last. They are as follows:

James Oram Peg 1

Faith Stone Peg 2 (already qualified)

Oliver Smith Peg 3

Jack Copp Peg 4

Josh Roe Peg 5

Josiah Wells-Parkes Peg 6

Participants, when they arrive, may drive up to the top of the hill to drop off their equipment. You will need to take your cars back to the camping field after you have unloaded. You may then bring your cars back to load up again at the end of the event.

Do not leave your cars in the yard, please park in the camping field.

Fees for this event are the same as always set at £5.00

Setting up time will begin from 17:30 Match start whistle at 18:00 Finish at 20:00

Participants will be given 10-minutes to pack away before the weigh in begins.

The winner of this round will go through to the final in September.

Bait: I would bring a pint of nice fresh maggots. I don’t think the colour of the bait really matters that much. It may be worth bringing some 4mm pellets. (That’s all I’m saying on that!) You can bring ground bait if you wish.

Tackle: I would bring a whip like the last round but, I think with the larger fish that are in the pond, it may be better to bring an elasticated pole (if you have one, a rod will do fine) just in case one of the larger fish want to feed. I would stress that you will need minimal tackle. Don’t bring it all because you won’t need it.

Good luck to everyone competing!


Just a couple of quick pieces of news, I have updated the ‘About Us’ page on the website to inform newcomers more about what we do. There is also a ‘Testimonial’ page where parents can write a review of DDAS Juniors to let others know your thoughts about the experiences during our events. They will all be posted unedited, good, or bad. Simply email your review to me at

After the Junior match record was broken by Jack Copp last week (83lbs), I have purchased a new set of scales with junior funds to cope with the larger catches that we are seeing from some of our juniors lately. This means that I can now give a definitive answer to the question ‘What is the net limit?’ From now on, the keep net limit will be set at 66lbs. If a net is emptied onto the scales that makes the scales go to the ‘Error’ (Err) notification, then that is the maximum that the angler will be awarded for that net. With no exceptions. If the remainder of that net is weighed and it goes beyond a total of 75lbs, then that entire net will be disqualified. If in doubt, ask a coach about the number of fish you should put in your keep net (based on the average size), or put a new net in.

Juniors Sec.

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