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Junior Match #2 - Luckfield - Pre-match Report

I’m going to keep this report rather short because there is not much to say. Jerry and I went to Luckfield this afternoon (Thursday) and fished a fact-finding session ready for the match on Saturday. What we found was almost complete disinterest by any of the bonus species like Carp Tench or Bream. One Tench was caught from p10 on meat and the same bait caught a Bream from p3. But, out of 8 anglers, those were the only two caught.

However, the silverfish were very hungry and by 4pm Jerry had bagged 60+ fish on short fished waggler rod on p7, whilst I fished with a 3m whip on p6 and finished with 154 Roach and Rudd. I was quite careful with my feed all day, but Jerry fed heavier towards the end of the session and caught some ‘larger’ small fish. (Big enough for a landing net). Jerry fished hard on the bottom whereas I fished 20cm off bottom with a light pole float with spaced out shotting.

We both came to the conclusion that, if the juniors get their heads down on the silverfish, providing no Carp show up, there is a good chance that small fish will win the day. Big silvers like Bream and Tench will help but they cannot be relied upon.

I have no doubt that some of you will be hell bent on catching a Carp. But remember what happened last time?

My recommendation is this. For the first two hours, catch as many silvers as you can and feed for larger fish somewhere else in the swim. You can try to catch bigger fish once you have got some fish in the bank, you may be lucky.

YOU WILL NEED MAGGOTS! I would not have caught anything today without them. Take some soaked micros for feeding. I would take some cut meat, just in case. Take what ever hook baits you like to use on the feeder. Ground bait and Corn are optional.

The weather is not looking great, and at this time of year, the rain will most likely be cold. This could turn the fish off. Keep your feed sensible if this happens. (Not too much). We did consider making this match a silvers only match but, there is a (very) slight chance of a Carp. So, it will remain a regular match.

Please arrive by 10 am so we can have a chat about the various baits we use. Miss it, miss out… Juniors Sec…

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