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Junior Match #3 - Luckfield - Pre Event Report

Draw 14:30 Start 15:30 Finish 19:30

Fees £5.00

Hopefully, the really hot weather will be behind us for the evening match at Luckfield this coming Saturday. The long-range forecast is predicting a pleasantly sunny 20°C with light winds, so we should be ok. I am hoping to get to Luckfield sometime this week to have a little practice for you, but I am not going to burn! Not even for my juniors (I know…I need to work on my commitment!)

With the temperature in mind, it is important to make sure that your keepnet does not collapse. Make sure it is well pushed out and open. As usual, your nets will be required to be laid out on the bank until you are told to place them in the water.

It is an evening match so the lake will fish a bit differently to normal match times. Luckfield tends to fish better in the early morning and the evening, so you may find that the fish will respond well to a bit bait. But there’s no need to to try and create a new island with pellets. Be positive but be sensible.

From experience, you will not go far wrong with the usual baits like maggots and pellets. But there are some larger fish to be had in Luckfield and I have my fingers crossed that we may actually get some better fish to weigh in!

The Silverfish championship is very much wide open because, so few silverfish weights have been caught. Luckfield has got a lot of larger Bream and lots of Tench, as well as some big Roach and Rudd. So, there is a very good chance for a good silverfish bag.

The feeder will score with micro pellets in the usual way on most of the pegs. But certainly, those that are within casting distance of the old aerator position (The gap in the floats on the rope on the far side of the aerator) will have an advantage. Pegs 7 & 8 are in pole position for that. Pegs 1, 2, & 10 will have similar options to get close to the rope. For the feed for the feeder itself, I would be tempted to go for a 50/50 groundbait and pellets mix to start with. If you start getting larger fish and they feeding well, I would go to just pellets, and see how it goes for a while. If bites slow or stop, go back to a ground bait heavy mixture. Beware the small fish getting on the ground bait though. Mini boilies on a bait spike (bayonet) could well be a good bet for better fish too.

Those with poles will do well to set one up for those big silvers with either maggots or pellets. Feeding 4mm pellets may bring some larger fish into your peg and push out the very small fish.

Larger hook baits like corn or meat could pay off, but the offset is that you may have to wait longer for the better fish. On the other hand, can you compete with lots of very small fish? These are fishing’s eternal questions. The answers may only become apparent on the day.

The whip is usually very productive for smaller fish and, if you just want to catch a few, that could be the best way to go.


Just a quick word of warning about the lane leading down to the lake. Not only is it bumpy but it is also extremely dry. Traffic on the lane will create a lot of dust for our neighbours if you do not drive slowly. Please be considerate with your speed.


Now is as good a time as any to tell you about a new way of booking into junior events that I am considering for next year. Glenn Taylor uses an App called ‘SPOND’ for his football team and, having seen a bit about how it works, it seems to be a far better system than we currently use. I am going to trial SPOND at the Christmas match in November which will give you all plenty of time to download the free App on your devices. It will probably take me that long to figure out how it works myself! If it works well for us, then we will use it for all of our junior events next year.

So that’s SPOND from your usual App provider by the beginning of November please….

Take care in the heat…

Juniors Sec…

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