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Junior Match #5 Pre-match Report - Luckfield Lake (Evening Match)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

So, now we've finally found a home for match #5, we've also thrown you a curve ball by keeping it an evening match. So what? You may ask... Well, it can make quite a difference to how the lake will perform and how the fish will feed.

Luckfield usually starts to fish better in the early morning and in the evening. The silverfish will feed all day, with the occasional Carp having a mid day munchy. The evening hours will bring the Tench and Bream more into play later on.

The match starts at 3.00pm, so the fish will be in that 'Just coming out of the mid day rest and I'm nearly ready for something to eat' phase of the day.

As always, there are going to be some pegs that will perform better than others. If you are on one the of the pegs that is not known for catching lots of Carp, then the best thing for you to do, is to go for any smaller Silverfish that maybe swimming about. Maggots are definitely going to be needed by everyone so 1 pint of red Maggots will be first on your shopping list.

Many of the swims have lilypads close to them. These will always hold fish, especially Tench and Carp. But they can be risky to get too close to unless you have some proper gear to stop the larger fish from snagging you up. Fish will always try to find cover or refuge when you hook them. It may be long grasses, lilies, weed, or tree roots. Make sure your tackle is up to the fight and make sure you are too. Pay attention, stay focused and don't leave your rods unattended. Baits for this kind of fishing will be anything from maggots to boilies, including pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, worms and bread (Not floating).

Being later in the day, the fish will naturally come closer to the edge, or margins as they are known. I recommend that you trickle bait into a spot that is quite close in to either your left or right hand side. Going either side like this will keep your fish out of the way of any other fish that may catch, and will not frighten them off or 'Spook' them. Don't feed handfuls of bait in the margins, just 6 pieces at a time will be just right. You want the fish to come and 'graze' on your loose feed, this way they will stay close to the area. If you throw handfuls in, they will stuff their faces and go off and digest it somewhere else and they probably won't feed for the rest of the evening... Ideally you want to find a spot that is relatively flat and as close to 2 feet (60cm) deep as you can find. Luckfield has a gradual slope down to about 4 or 5 foot (1.2 to 1.5 metres). This slope is mainly stoney and hard which means you can pick a spot and stick to it. Try to feed a short distance from features like lilies. This will give you a better chance if a big fella picks up your bait. You can fish method feeder, pole or a float in the edge too.

Open water fishing will be good for the silverfish as well as the odd bigger fish, like Bream or Tench. Just up from the bottom of the slope will keep your loose feed from going into the softer, silty part of the lake and you will find it easier to feed at this distance out. Try to fish where it is easiest for you to feed comfortably. Usually, you will find the bottom of the slope at about 5 to 7 metres out.

Pole would be my preferred method of fishing this area, but a float rod or method, with groundbait, will do. Again, feed little and often to keep the fish interested, but not over fed.

Bait list for this event for me would be;

1 pint maggots 8, 6, 4, & 2mm pellets

Some method mix groundbait mixed so that it just holds together when squeezed, but crumbles easily between your hands.

Some bander pellets for hookbaits (Like Ringers Chocolate Orange etc.)

Sweetcorn & Luncheon meat (Meat will need to be cut up. I will have my cutters with me)

Worms are worth taking because of the large Perch that live in there. Other fish will happily chew on a juicy worm too.

There has been talk of boilies working well, and to be fair, they do. But with every peg taken on Saturday, I'm not sure how effective they will be because you may have to wait a long time for a bite. But that bite could be from a 14lb fish! If you have them with you then you will have yet another option.

That's it, See you Saturday!

Juniors Sec.

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