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Junior Match #7 - Whitemoor - Pre Match Report - 25/09/21

The leaves are turning on the trees and the landscape is about to offer up natures brightest season. Autumn is upon us and the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. We, as anglers, have to adjust our approach to the fish. It is actually my favourite time of year for fishing. Crisp, misty mornings with watery sunshine that only this time of year can bring. Some anglers do not like Autumn because Winter is just around the corner, and they maybe right. But the yellowing leaves of natures palette are only on the trees for a short time and it's beautiful. So make the most of it....

Unfortunately, I have not be able to make it to Whitemoor for a practice for this event, so I am going to have to rely on my knowledge of fishing and advice given to me by angling friends.

With the weather getting cooler as each day and night goes by, so how you approach your fishing will have to change too. The chances are that fishing shallow will be less effective than it was in the summer months. Careful plumbing of depth may be necessary to find the fish in deeper water because the colder nights will drain the heat out of the water put there by the days sunshine very quickly, and the fish will be less inclined to venture into the shallow summer spots.

One summer bait that will still work in early Autumn is paste. Paste is a tricky bait to use by experienced anglers and is better used with a pole. But mix it stiffer and more like a dough, and you can fish paste with a waggler float in small, hard nuggets. Worth a try. Ask if you're unsure. The best paste mix in my opinion is Bait Tec Special-G. Mix it by adding the powder to the water, which is the opposite to groundbait. Stir it constantly with a fork until you get the consistency you require and leave it for 15 minutes before you use it. You will probably catch fairly close in, almost under your rod tip or top kit plus 2 sections with a pole. Expander pellets will work well, maybe a banded 6mm hard pellet.

For better fish later on in the margins, particularly if it's a warm day (hopefully), cubed 6mm Luncheon meat is worth bring with you. Feed it steadily, little and often, down the edge and fish over it later on. Be brave! Don't be tempted to fish the margin too early because the fish will not have time to settle on it.

Of course, Feeder is always going to score. But use at least a 50/50 mix of pellets and method mix on the feeder. Start with a 100% groundbait mix and if you start getting smaller fish, put some pellets in the mix as you go. Hook bait for the method feeder will be the usual wafters or hard pellets (6 or 8mm).

Fish the feeder about 1 metre off any feature that you have. If the fish want feed closer, they will show you by appearing closer to the island.

I don't think that the fish will want to be in the deep water down the middle just yet. But I'm not saying that you won't catch there.

It is always worth taking maggots. But they will catch you the very smallest of fish that many will see as 'nuisance fish'. However, if you are not catching bigger fish, then pop a maggot on to keep that float going under...

As always, be careful how much you feed. You can throw bait in the lake, but you can't take it out again once it's in.

Little and often is the key.

Suggested bait for Saturday;

At least half a pint of maggots.

2mm Micro pellets

Method mix ground bait

Paste mix (Special-G) Hook baits for method feeder. (Wafters and larger pellets, 6 & 8mm)

Additional baits, Luncheon meat

Bread (Warburtons Orange)

Any questions, feel free to ask....

Juniors Sec.

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