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Knock out Qualifier #1 - Revels Stock Pond - Pre Event Report

K/O Qualifier #1 Draw: 5:30pm Start: 6:00pm

Finish: 8.00pm

Fees: £5.00

The Stock Pond at Revels isn't somewhere that I have much knowledge of. But, just for you guys, I went and had a quick look this afternoon. It’s small, shallow, and rather weedy in places. But there is more than enough room for five Shrimps to see how many little Carp they can catch in just two hours… H&S: There are a few things to watch out for on the Stock Pond.

No Running There is a LIVE Otter fence surrounding the lake. It is close to the fishing positions. Be aware and do not touch the Otter fence or let any of your equipment touch the Otter fence. It hurts. Ask Jerry… No Running. The banks are reasonably flat for most pegs, but they are natural banks without a platform. Be aware of where the waters edge is… No Running. It's a small lake and, with only five anglers, we aren’t using much of it. But there is a bit of uneven ground that could be a tripping hazard. Did I mention no running?

Who is fishing Q1? Seeing as I know exactly who is coming and how many pegs we have, to save time on Friday, I asked M’Lady to draw the peg numbers out of the ‘bag of dreams’ this evening. This means that you can park up, (probably at the cattle grid, but may be a bit further up. I will let you know where) and go straight to your peg. No fishing before 6pm… The pegs will be in an anti-clockwise direction. Peg 5 is nearest the gate. The anglers fishing in Q1 are: Faith Stone: Peg 5 Jack Copp: Peg 1 Ollie Smith: Peg 2 Josiah Parkes-Wells Peg 3 Josh Roe Peg 4

Even if you are not in this round of the K/O, this information will be useful because it probably won’t change much for any of the rounds…

The Knockout:

Three qualifying rounds. Three chances to get to the final. Winner takes all.

The winner from each qualifier round will automatically go through to the final on the 2nd of September. (They will also be removed from the other qualifiers automatically) Over all three qualifying rounds, the junior with the highest weight second position will also qualify. (Fastest runner up)

The winner of the final will be declared the Junior Knockout Series Champion.

The lake:

As I stated earlier, it is shallow. Probably no more than 2ft deep (60cm). You will have a bite after seconds of the bait hitting the water. Small Carp, Grass Carp, Orfe, Tench, Roach, Rudd, and Goldfish will be your target fish. As many of them as you can in just two hours. So how do you catch them?

Which method?

The Whip: This is what I would use if it was me fishing. Fast, simple, and easy. Great for bashing out large numbers of small fish, but there are some larger fish in there. Hook one of those and you could be in trouble.

Elasticated Whip/Pole:

Using an elastic will help you to get any bigger fish that you may encounter in the landing net. But it will be slightly slower than a normal whip. Over two hours you could lag behind by a fish or two… Could be costly.

Waggler Float:

A rod and line fished like a whip (no casting) could be a way to go if you get a larger Carp on the hook. Much slower than either a Pole or a Whip.

Method Feeder:

Will arguably catch you bigger fish. But, waiting for a bite whilst loads of fish are filling keepnets, could be soul destroying if it does not pay off. In a normal match, you can lose an hour looking a ‘Big One’. But you will not have that luxury this time. Two hours is not enough time to hope for a big fish… Or is it? Three or four fish and you could win… Decisions, decisions…

The Bait:


You won’t far wrong with good old Maggots. There are literally thousands of fish in the Stock Pond, and they are all starving! I doubt a maggot has ever reached the bottom in just 2ft of water without a fish eating it first.

Pellets: You could use pellets. But to me, pellets are used to pick out the better fish. There are so many ‘little Piranhas’ in the lake that any larger fish won’t even see a pellet before it’s stripped off the hook, or your float is sent dancing and skating all over the place as they try to eat it.

Groundbait: You could use GB, but I don’t see the need. You don’t need to draw the fish in, they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive! Make a noise with a loose fed maggot, and they are on it like lightning.

Other baits: You could use other baits like Corn and Meat. But, again, I don’t see the point. You might be lucky and grab a better fish, but it is probably more likely to be smashed to bits by Carplets and Goldfish.

A Seat Box, a Whip, a landing net and handle, One keepnet, and some maggots. That’s all I would advise to use. Any more than that is up to you. If you are not great at unhooking fish now, you will be by the end! A friend of mine was fishing on the lake for just a few hours this afternoon, and he caught 200 fish before calling it a day. Geoff wasn’t ‘Going for it’ either. Nice and steady and he still caught loads. Keep your feeding sensible, don’t over do it. Little and often.

There you go then all ready for the first knockout round and the shortest junior match to date…

If you fancy go at this, there spaces left in the other rounds at the moment so get booked in.

Juniors Sec…

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