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Match #4 - Luckfield - Pre-Match Report

Match fee £5.00

Draw 10:30 Start 11:30 Finish 16:00

For the penultimate match of this year's Junior championship, we find ourselves back at Luckfield Lake in Broadmayne. If the fishing is as half as good as it was the last time we were there, then it will still be a good day.

A little practice towards the end of last week showed that the fishing had slowed a little at the time because of the large amount of fresh, cold water that had been deposited everywhere during the previous few days. But there were still plenty of fish to be caught.

Silverfish of all sizes can be caught on either pellets or maggots fairly close in on the float or on the pole. The feeder will pick out the larger fish if you are prepared to wait for the bites.

I caught with micro pellets on the feeder, but I have noticed a liking for ground bait too. I would definitely have both micros and ground bait with me just in case.

I would also be using softer expander pellets (on the pole) rather than banded hard pellets too. As the water cools, the fish can get fussier about what they eat.

Bait recommendation: At least one pint of maggots (Red, white, or mixed) Bag of Micro Pellets (2mm) Some 4, 6, & 8mm pellets for feed and as a feeder hook bait A tin of Sweetcorn A tin of Luncheon Meat Ground Bait (Feeder Mix) Optional Baits would be a few slices of bread, and maybe a lighter ground bait mix for silverfish.

Junior match rules apply (see handbook online, exceptions for the newer juniors) Silverfish and Carp to be kept in separate nets. Any fish over 10lbs will be weighed, recorded, and returned to the water as soon as possible.

See you there… Juniors Sec…

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