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News of future events...

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The first event that was announced yesterday, will be the Junior/Senior Pairs match.

The match will be held at Harbourbridge on the long match lake on the 23rd of October.

The rules are that each Junior that wishes to take part must pick their senior partner.

The Senior partner must be a member of the 2021 coaching team OR a parent of one of our registered Juniors.

Each pair will fish in adjacent pegs so the Senior angler can help the junior during the event.

This match is closer than you think so don't leave it too long before you choose your partners. Once the pair has be agreed, you need to let me know so I can make a note of who is fishing with who. If you want to fish with someone but you do not know how to contact them, Let me know and I contact them for you....

There will be medals for the first and second pair on the day, with a Trophy or shield to be presented to the winners at the 2022 presentation evening. more of that later...

The other pairs match is the Junior pairs on the 4th of September, again at Harbourbridge. Due to a divide of opinion on how this match should take place, I made an executive decision to make this a blind pairs match. Juniors will draw for their pegs as usual and during the match a draw will be made to see who is partnering who. If there is an odd number of Juniors, then a member of the coaching staff will fish alongside the Juniors and will be included in the draw for the pairs.


The last match of the year, that was going to be held at Lyons Gate, will now taking place at Whitemoor on the Top (Doughnut) Lake on the 6th of November. This will be a three hour match due to darkness coming earlier....


The most exciting news is that of our very first Junior Christmas match. A request has been send to Todber Manor to ask for permission to host our event there and I'm pleased to say that this has since been confirmed. The Christmas match will take place on the 4th December at the Upper Whitepost Lake. We do not have a trophy for this event as yet. If anyone would like to donate some funds or even buy a nice trophy to present to our Juniors, then please let me know. Similarly, we will need some prizes for our Shrimps to win. These will need to be new and unused items that our Juniors will want to win. Again if you would like to donate towards this event, please let me know by the middle of November at the latest please... Any items of tackle not used will be put to good use through our Re-gen or schools programs.


Finally, The most anticipated match of our Junior year at Mangerton on the 25th of September, will now be a trophy match. The Martin Vine Memorial Trophy is dedicated to a great personal friend of mine and well known, well loved face in the club. Martin sadly passed away from a heart attack a few years ago, and this is the first chance we have had to celebrate his life in this way. Hopefully, Martin wife, Anne, is going to come to the lake to make the presentation in person. Weather permitting...

Juniors Sec.

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